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  1. In multiplayer, I continue to repeatedly a) get a "disc unreadable error"; get sent back to the main menu after a brief look at the UNSC loading screen; or c) get caught in an infinite loop of searching for and loading matches, without ever actually entering the match. This is on top of the campaing loading issues I've already noted in previous posts. I hope these issues are being relayed to the development team in some form or another. There is clearly some problem loading the game on certain machines, and this issue does not carry over to other games. Frankly, I would feel much better if 343 would give some indication that this thread is being monitored and that these bugs were being actively worked on. Halo fans are used to a very involved community management team; a little of the same would go a long way towards alleviating some of the aggravation here.
  2. Was able to play through the next mission after a few attempts at loading. However, I encountered the same issue at the end of mission "Forerunner."
  3. I am having an issue in the same location. While playing through the campaign, immediately after jumping through the portal at the end of Requiem, I received a "disc unreadable" error. Upon restarting and attempting to continue the campaign from that point, the game takes a very long time to prepare the game. I am able to start the mission, but a half second into the loading splash screen the game freezes and gives me another disc read error. I have examined the disc, and there are no scratches or foreign objects/substances on it. The game only left the case to be transferred to the console, and there was no opportunity for it to be damaged. Please advise.
  4. Alright, here's one that's not complaining about server issues the studio is already aware of... While playing the first campaign Mission, Dawn, on Heroic: after entering the airlock immediately after the Forerunner planet scans the Chief and opens a gravity well, the game froze, cut to black, and kicked me back to the main menu. The game does not indicate that any progress on the mission was saved. I will replay the mission and report if the bug repeats itself.
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