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  1. this happened to me too. its nothing to worry about. eventually if u turn ur xbox off and back on or just wait it out for a while it will go back to normall
  2. dude they are doing the best they can. it is thier first majorgame just give em a break. i suspect everything will be working fine by friday same thing happened to me. they appear in my specialization page but they all have padlocks over therm lol
  3. what happened to the killcam??? last night (after nidnight release) when i was playing i saw killcams and winning killcams but now their not showing when i get killed. what happened?
  4. I'm having a problem becuase i bught the limited edition of the game and in entered the code for the specializations and the map packs but now when i look at the specializations page all 8 are there and then they dissapear and if i sign out and in again they come back and then some times dissapear. any help???!!!
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