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  1. ok scratch my last post, it said the stuff had unlocked and when i went to check it, it hadnt. Thanks 343 your doing jussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst great
  2. ok, going to ammend my statement from earlier. seeing as i appear to be one of the lucky ones that can play online without much problem I continued playing and now that I have gone up a level all my dlc has come back. still want to report as a bug but seems to have sorted itself out...
  3. Hi guys. I wanted to report a problem I am having as I don't really understand how it has happened. I was playing last night (I pre-ordered from shopto.net and recieved it a day early) and I put my special edition dlc and my shopto pre order bonus dlc codes in and downloaded them. Last night they were working fine and I was using the bonus skins online. I started playing tonight and noticed that my gear had changed. Went to change it back and have now seen that all my dlc gear is gone, like it wasnt ever there.... is anyone else having this problem? If so, is there anyway to get my gear back? Is this a problem on the game's side of things or have I been punished for playing the game early......? any help would be great guys and girls!!
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