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  1. no xp=no accomplishment as well as me n my friends race to max lvl
  2. common 343 drop the cap!
  3. he means the xp cap. each day you can only get so much xp
  4. as for me I allways use purple the black was mainly for my step bro. And black isnt really "wannabe cool" maybe people just like the way it looks and as long as they can back it up with their L33T Sk11LZ (yeah i just said that...sry) then its fine by me. However the colors have been the same for far to long i would just like a change maybe neon? I would be willing to pay up to 3 dollars for packs but thats just me.
  5. it took me around 3 hours to hit the cap dumbass so dont start talking ****. I should be able to play for as long as I want and as for consuming so much dew and doritos it doesnt take much. I had a party, bought mtn dew for it, put in the codes. think b4 you speak. I was simply listing my complaints. I didnt expect for 6yos to start **** talking me. As for my h3 comment i was just saying other games dont have these issues. Ohh and as for the guy talking about expected issues, Halo 2 had 2000000 peple the first night as for this... 200000...yeah... btw h2 no server issues.
  6. So heres my ideas for DLC packs and additions- -Armor Packs -Emblem Packs -More playlists -Specialization Packs My top however is the armor packs I love to customize stuff and would definatly buy some crazy armor or visors such as rainbow visors or something else. Oh and a color pack or just a new color pallet cause the current one sucks. We need a actual black not just steel! Drop you suf=ggestions in the comments and tell me what you think of my ideas.
  7. the guy on top has a point if we pay $60 for a game ($400 in my case I got the system) it better work. They should expect an insane amount of people on at once and prepare for such an event. I played for 5 hours w/o any issues and then got locked out from my friends. I expect this from Activision but not Halo. Im assuming its because of the inferior 343 because Bungie never had this issue. Oh and once again DROP THE XP CAP!
  8. DROP THE GOD DAMN CAP FOR XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hah needler op? naw it kinda sucks never had an issue with it. oh and 343 DROP THE GOD DAMN XP CAP!
  9. I have noticed some very annoying things in the matchmaking. Literally the most annoying thing I have ever had happen was the XP cap. I got the game at mid-night and immediatly went to the multiplayer. I drank Mountain Dew and ate Doritos for weeks banking x2XP and around 5 hours in I hit the cap. Im like "ohh must be a mistake" because I still got xp that round. The next round I played it came up with the same notice and didnt give me XP. At this point I got pissed, ejected my disc and popped in Borderlands 2. I shouldnt be penalized for spending time on your game. Its rediculous that I bought products for x2XP and it ends up screwing me in the end. Not only is there the cap issue but the ranks randomly drop back to sr1 quite frequently. My friend was playing and the next game he was sr1 and lost all his load-outs. I had like 4 other people playing with me and at some point they ALL dropped back to sr1. As well as THOSE issues there is also the problem with connecting. I couldnt play with my friends because of the garbage servers. That should never be a problem. The first thing I thought when I heard Bungie wasnt making Halo 4 was "wow thats awful" and debated not getting it. As time went on I decided to get it. Not only did I get the game but I put down $400 dollars for the system as well. Please dont make me regret buying your product. Reach and 3 never had these issues. The main reason for this post however is the cap. I want to be able to play as much as I want and still be rewarded for playing not just sit there and waste my x2XP matches. Dont mess this up 343 just DROP THE CAP!
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