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  1. I just don't understand this argument though. Most consumers aren't going to run out and build a $1,000 computer opposed to a $400 Xbox 720, just so they can play Halo. Microsoft will be acquiring a new market. With the game already running in DX11, a quick port would be effortless.
  2. Ignorance is bliss. I love how neither of you even read what I said.
  3. With Halo 4 obviously not hosting support for PC, do we plan on seeing a version of Halo 5 available on PC? With the next generation of consoles coming in a little more than a year, and the new consoles supporting DX11, why would it not be a good idea for Halo to saturate the PC market that Microsoft already holds the keys to. Some of the reasons I want to play Halo 5 on the PC include superior graphics (SSAO, AA, 2560x1440+), better matchmaking (private servers, XBL), social networking (Facebook, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble), better load times and performance (SSDs, Multi-Core CPUs, cutting edge GPUs), ease of use in creating gameplay videos/miniseries (RvB, Dxtory, Fraps, YouTube), and the support of the modding communities that keep games alive in the hearts of the fans for years to come. (Steam Workshop, Nexus) I grew up with consoles, but as I get older there is just too little to be offered by these constantly antiquated and inefficient toys. Having the games I love to play, my music, HD movies, unrestrictive browsing, social communities, and the workspace that maintains my lifestyle all in one place at my fingertips 24/7 is a must have. The encumbrance of console gaming allows me to do none of this, but game. The internet and the technologies that support it are expanding far too rapidly for us to be stuck in the dark ages of consoles and the endless control of the media we consume. The ability to play the games you want on whatever platform you desire will only benefit you in ways you might not even have discovered, and will obviously benefit the providers of said content by allowing them to explore and capitalize new markets. It is a win-win situation for everyone, and I implore 343 and Microsoft to reevaluate their current stance on the gaming market. For the arguments to be presented on the issues of piracy and ‘hacking’ in the PC environment, I suggest you do some scholarly research on those issues before spewing your assumptions, misunderstanding, and erroneous ignorance on these boards.
  4. I would have to go with the Scorpion. While I agree that it is slow, the damage output and virtually limitless straight line trajectory are unparalleled. What would significantly increase the wraiths effectiveness is if it could fire it's plasma balls faster. Sometimes I don’t even consider the Wraith worth my time in Halo: Reach.
  5. With the Xbox currently dominating the gaming market, I don't M$ will be losing anything. Have you forgotten that M$ owns Windows and Xbox? Most of these kids never played the origonal. It's sad really I agree that Halo should branch out, especially with how ancient the 360 is and how dated even the next Xbox will be in comparison to PC performace and multi-tasking capabilities. Halo 1 and 2 were already on the PC and they were excellent dispite the horrible port. Do you realize that the modding communities on the PC keep games alive for 10+ years. Just look at the Bethesday games. M$ owns the rights to Windows and Xbox. I don't see the problem. As much as I would love to see Halo 3 on the PC, I highly doubt it would happen. Ports are one thing, but having a game actaully made for PC is another. Consoles are still running on DX9! As much as I agree with your desire to bring Halo to PC, I think you're a bit misguided in what you think a computer is. A console is a computer, much the same as a PC is a computer. The only difference is that a console has a locked OS with hardware bound to it, a PC on the other hand has none of this. Bringing Halo to PC would nothing but benificial, it would play just the same as consoles, but look, feel, sound, and play 1000 times better. Your ignorance on piracy is appauling. I guess I stole all those Steam games in my library. What? It takes literally not effort to port a game to PC. How is this backward progress? Afraid to lose to your PC betters? To late, it already is.
  6. Shmerrick


    Why? How would this negatively effect you. If anythin it would offer you to play with a much larger group of people. Adding PC support for people who grew up with and love Halo is an excellent idea. I want to play my games at 2560x1440x60 with SSAO, AA, High Res textures, etc. Graphics aside, playing on PC opens actual VOIP support and a plethora of social media and guild/clan connections. I say again, how could this be a bad thing. And don't bring up hacking and/or piracy, those things happen on the consoles just as much if not more on consoles. Forge would be harder to use? You do realize that the game is created on the PC, you know, with actual world building software, how on Earth could it be harder? In addittion, you're probably to young to have played Halo 2, but that game had TONS of hacking and mods even before the PC release. I don't even know how to answer your last point. Really? Halo coming out on PC would stop you playing it on Xbox? Have millions of more people connecting to XBL to play with you would make the community smaller? With ignorance like this it's no wonder Halo will stay on Xbox.
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