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  1. actually we find other methods to play a game the haters and people who call us hackers, map breakers and or boosters see a fun community a sin to the gaming world. i my self agree with some of the group do break maps and get out of bounds rest play in the game' given rules. and i can teach ya i do go online that often anymore due to my traveling but friends request me and if any of ur friends like to learn. have them join in i will show u how not all games are be super aggressive and funny thing is when the MLG people get ther lead they camp with all power weapons we shows a revers stragty to force them to keep out of their camping ways for u to fight on ur own terms.
  2. ok time to clear the air of this hate of a different way to play a game. Hello i am Sjet501st "main account on XB"i am a well known HLG player of the Past HLG Next Gen, HLG shadow sages, and HLG ODST. Known gamer tags have been HLG ODST, Ruby Panda, HLG [email protected] Ch13f. the reason of HLG true meaning and why people do it: HLG was not reacted to be a trolling theme or for boosting or for low ranks HLG was made to counter the the players or "MLG PRO" enjoy doing that is get to lvl 50 in halo 3 or inheritor for halo reach then sell their accounts to have a game payment like real major league gamer. their view of game. now HLG is made for those who want to lay back, we play the game to see other ways of a game there have been fads of SLG or suicide league gamer who just keeping killing them self to troll their own team, or SLG or swimmers league gaming where they do the black ops swimming to troll yet again. HLG is to make the human mind of how to find a person its a way to make people seek the target in a hit and run way u see in gorilla warfare. we don't seek fame or the way of money or MP in any fashion we only show that people can not think out of the box. yes many places are out of maps outside the boarders yet the other half are just congers, lips or a simple jet pack. now for the videos people make yes i enjoyed making them, and the messages i get is the thing that we enjoy and it shows people can take a game to the point of threats of bans, hacking, threats to real life being. these are the people to watch for. and at the same time it also shows the main focus of people who do look in all areas think where a person can and will try to get to. now for those who hate us we can understand that u are someone who was hide or lost their cool and made message rants. or u see us as map hackers and i can admit a few of are that yet the methods that are used are impressiveness for example halo 2 guardian above left elbow lift with just a grenade and brute shot people where able to reach the top of the tree and then walk completely around and fall into a slit way above the map. yet its with this in a way we find what others miss or never expect the avg player to do not like your cod map breaks that use glitches or mods. now if u have any questions or like to make your own statements i gladly give u the best answer i can do. and if you are just a troll seeking a way to provoke this long history of gamers i do not care for i have respect for people and their can do what they please.
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