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    I have a clan of lots of more than 150 members. So if you wanna join, message me on xbox or just send me a message on here. We even have sponsors.

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  1. I agree with the both of your opinions. For example, Yoyolary, i have always wanted there to be an element of gravity to be controlled, as you mentioned. Also along with what you said about the different physics settings. I however belive that in the game halo 4, it would be nice to see a more classic experience in some ways. Such as bring back past vehicles like the elephant or since the plot is set in the future even including things like portals in the campign but a new type of portal where you can teleport through time and space. Also it'd be nice if you could: a) Link maps together by portals or a thing of such To be able to set up a map queue where you dont need to change the map everytime but rather, it would cycle through a list or even a "custom playlist" of maps you made that go together and then you can play that way I would be interested in hearing your opinions on this, Thanks
  2. Hello, i own a clan of 140 people, we have players from all across the world. We have players of similar, less, and of higher k/d and all that stuff. If you would like more info, or want to join message me, peace
  3. I have 130+ members in my clan. We play lots of games and activites. So message me if you have questions or want to join
  4. Hello. I own the clan of HDar. We have 130+ members. We like to play a large variety of games and activities and we currently have 6 sponsors. We play btb and pretty much every other game type across matchmaking and If you would like to join, message me either through xbox or on this site. Thanks, peace.
  5. Hey i go by the gamertag CODpro98. I own a fairly large clan. Its a great way to meet new people. You wanna join? Message me on xbox or just send me a message.
  6. Hey guys, i'm trying to recruit members and we have 135 people at this minute. we play across a variety of maps. Anyone interested, or wanting to know more about it just shout. We play many different game types. Many different games. And we even have sponsors! Its called HDar which stands for Hunt Destroy and Reap.
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