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  1. Greg Bear has hinted at a connection between John-117 and one of the novel's human characters.... what could this mean? what if chackas is turned into mandacant bias!! holy crap! oh and also the last forerunner book, do you think it will finish by telling the where the forerunners went? and maybe it will end like "and they went on the great journey only to return when the galexy needed them most"?/ hahaha maybe...
  2. Halo 4 possibilitys.. Hopefully they all happen.. Parangosky in control of halo instalation 03... The spirit of fire UNSC infinity The timeless one Master chief and cortana The Gravemind Spartan ll's lll's and llll's More precursers New species The didact The flood The ancient humans The forerunners The prometheans Search for the Flood cure
  3. Did 343 guilty spark ever say the ship that landed was pre-human? I Mean it could have been precoursers..
  4. I always wAnted the didact to come.. I though he would in halo 4 to. But maybe the timeless one is on our side and we fight forerunners with him?...
  5. Will someone please tell me hidden things and secrets and details that u found in terminals. I have only seen them once and it was very quiet.. Any help would be awesome.
  6. I have read every halo book available and I have never heard more humans getting away from the the didacts war power so please give me a link or something to what you are talking about!!
  7. This is the stupidest idea I ever heard... The pre-historic humans where sent back to the stone age on earth so they are the same people as the unsc and master chief just a long ways in the future..
  8. Isn't the didact alive? Because he fired the halos from outside the galaxy from the ark and maybe went on this "great journey" maybe this great joiner is to the place chief is going...
  9. one of the horagok mentioned something about the citadel and how lucys friends where there....?
  10. Thedidact

    Spartan 4

    What if i halo 4 the UNSC/ONI where creating spartsn 4's and there where the best even better then chief... but what if chief was the one to save the day at the end? Yo once again be the hero of humanity.. maybe sacrificing himself for the worlds survival? thoughts?
  11. I like to think of halo reach as a dream.. A dream that noble 6 is having right before he joins noble team.. Ya know.. Getiing cortana instead of chief and saving the piller and doin all this stuff but if course he wakes up and none if it happens that way...
  12. Does anybody know if glasslands or anybook in the future will continue the elites story from halo evulutions? I really want to know.
  13. I don't think the timeless one and the gravemind or the same but there the timeless one controls the gravemind and speaks through him and the timeless one is on the planet that chief finds himself on..... If I'm right.... It would be really funny...
  14. Didn't mendicant bias say to chief at one point that will use him to be his tool in being forgiven by the forerunners? Maybe he sent them to the last forerunner world where they still are there!!!!!!
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