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  1. 343i, Can we have medal and commendation progress tracking - like was available on Bungie.net and the Bungie app. - on Waypoint and Waypoint app., please?
  2. Eye Patch is located at the Library across the way at the very end - the other side of the elevator that takes you to the index. Iron is the first room of the game on Pillar of Autumn behind a blue barrel. Recession is on 343 Guilty Spark in the starting area. Turn left after getting off the Pelican towards the left side of a big green glowing tree and start walking - the skull is on a hill between two trees and under a bush. Bandanna is on Silent Cartographer on the tunnel that leads to the Security Center's override button - I recommend overshield and Rocket Launcher.
  3. This is now the "Official" Skull Location Thread. Post your finds here. Major Spoiler Alert!!!!! You must be using the new graphics to see the skulls. Famine Skull: Located on the rock where the Pelican crash site is on Silent Cartographer. It's at the top. Foreigner Skull: This skull can be found on the level Truth and Reconciliation in the large hanger before the brig (which has the Covenant drop ship that Keys will pilot at the end) on the lower level. The skull is inside the door farthest from where you initially enter the room and to the right. The door is locked and only lets enemies enter the fight, so you need to run for the door when it is opening lest you should lose your chance.
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