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  1. Bro thought I owned this site XD


  2. Just changed my email used here to [email protected] (my new email I'll use whenever I can get rid of Outlook/ATT.net).

    Already got rid of my 2 gmails, Yahoo account, and ProtonMail so thats good. Outlook, ATT.net, and Hotmail I gotta delete soon. Then I'll just have my tfwno.gf and AOL emails. I'd get rid of AOL if it werent useful in some cases to not have to give out my usernames

  3. Ok, this **** is ******* fire

  4. Abort deez nuts




  5. 2Pac I approve of


  6. i need to learn PHP

  7. im in high-school now so thats fun ig

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    2. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Shame that class is boring. Hopefully later on in your HS experiences they get a bit more exciting. It's honestly so much more enjoyable when you actually enjoy the class. 

      And hell yeah, that's a good approach. Money is indeed nice to have. 

      PHP seems like a good time investment for sure, best of luck fixing the forums. 

    3. Dc


      @Halo6 Follower hope so too, doubt it'll happen bc school I find boring in general XD.

      Me like monies, me like coding, coding make monies, monies me make from coding. Ez. Though yea, PHP is probably a good idea to learn, I hope I can fix the Bulletin Boards on that site too (i really want 1k posts).

    4. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      1K posts is indeed a noble goal! 

  8. just looked at the discord chat embed and lmao I find it funny ppl think that its not an unofficial forum/server still. when i joined it was pretty clear that its an unofficial forum/discord

  9. funny that i kinda just release status updates here. its a little hard to force myself onto some sites sometimes instead of just doom-scrolling on Twitter or YouTube. Think its way better for u tho tbh, much harder to get addicted to it and even if u manage that u still have way more characters and generally way better of conversations/way better info u get than u could ever get from a few tweets

  10. RSS for the memes is fun (it started as "for the memes" and now i actually kinda like it)

  11. the feds dont want u to know this but the forums will rise again

  12. Aaaaaand I'm officially 14

  13. Forums > Discord

    I quit discord recently and deleted my account so yay. honestly, i should've left sooner but i had to still get friends of mine onto other platforms like 3DSPaint

    1. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      What made you quit Discord? Any catalyst? 

    2. Dc


      @Halo6 Follower it was basically the many ****ty decisions they've made as of recently along with discovering Guilded back in October 2022. The username system being replaced to be worse (and the only solution would ironically lead to why we had the original system), nitro features that should be free being placed behind a paywall, taking 8 years to just allow any slightly reasonable file-size, etc. Theres a bit more but its honestly BS and I'm sick of it so I just quit.

      I've been leaving other websites too, but Discord was one I wanted to leave for a while. I'll probably leave Twitch next, Reddit maybe after. 3DSPaint, Email, Guilded, and some forums will basically become what I end up usually using. By the 2030s I can imagine myself literally only using my website and 3DSPaint (assuming paint still exists by then)

  14. I kinda wanna start ****posting here and on other forum sites

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    2. Dc


      lol late response, would be fun tho. obviously no spam or anything like that, tho just posting here and there would be fun ig

    3. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Lolol all good. And yeah sounds like fun, just don't go overboard 


    4. Dc


      yea lol i wouldnt go overboard (or at least not too overboard)

  15. First status of 2023

  16. Lol TDK Supremacy

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