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    Covenant Carbine and loadouts for all matchmaking for preference with map control of equipment and power weapons and balance still in place but accommodation for preferred spawning weapons for rifle and sidearm.

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  1. Y’all are doing some excellent stuff and I am great full. Please add carbine type 51 to sandbox ASAP.
  2. I don’t agree with the decision to eliminate loadouts but it’s very important that it is better balanced than before with map control of equipment and power weapons still in play because it’s what Halo’s about. Any thoughts?
  3. I love the plasma weapons but I’ve noticed that the plasma pistol doesn’t always register when you hit someone with a green blast and the semi auto fire is useless. I also have noticed that you are not able to hit strafing targets with pulse carbine. I understand the concept of plasma is shield damage more so then health but it is still a weapon and weapon should not be so necessary that you are encouraged to avoid utilizing them. I believe most people would agree that both these amazing weapons are as always given the short end of the stick and could use a little help. I know us “_Arbiters” are the minority but please do not neglect your proud elite warriors we miss carbine type 51 and I have found comfort in the familiarity of the plasma pistol which is probably the best it’s ever been in all the halos but the semi auto should be a more effective option maybe not as strong as mangler or sidekick but you should be able to semi auto without being completely helpless and the pulse carbine is excellent but it needs to work properly against a strategist maneuvering openent as well. Just my opinion and way of contributing and I mean no disrespect thank you for reading and much love.
  4. I’ve been paying attention lately and it’s time to show appreciation. You guys have an excellent team despite all the criticism and hard times I have been playing halo since ce and bungle is a hard one to follow but it’s obvious that y’all do care about your fans and are still passionate and hard working against all odds and expectations. Thank you so much for your hard work you’re appreciated. Ps- I miss my covenant carbine and I’m happy to be the new janitor if it means the return of my favorite weapon I’ll lick toilet. Lol real talk though thank you so much for being strong and fighting hard for this game and it’s players god bless you all.
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