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343i 50th Weekly Community Poll


Welcome all to the 50th 343i Weekly Community Poll!



Welcome all to the final weekly community poll! This the 50th 343i Weekly Community Poll to be posted and will be the last. Last week's poll results were a bit different, the poll asked members which Halo 4 weapon they didn't want in Halo 5, and they made their answer very clear:


AN OVER-POWERED BOLTSHOT! So while most member want to see the Boltshot return, they don't want to see an over-powered Boltshot return. Take a look at Unease P34nut's take on the Boltshot:




This is an easy one...


The Boltshot needs to be destroyed from existence. Absolutely obliterated! No trace whatsoever!!!


Having a pocket shotgun was just a tad too OP. I see what 343i tried to do, but giving it that much range was just nuts. Not only is the insta-kill range too far, the range at which it drops your shield, which is even longer, is far too far as well.

Not only that but it gets two shots? A cooldown time of half a second? What is this?!

Next to that the single fire option is completely useless as you cannot even drop someone using all 10 shots single fired so you were kinda forced to go hide in a corner with marshmellows and shotgun everyone that just so happens to come round.

How much more can you provoke camping with this gun?!


There is no thing more frustrating than getting jumped by someone with the Boltshot, and even though he misses he gets the chance to fire a second time or switch to his primary to finish you off.

If you use this gun, and I know there are some of you out there, I immediatly lose all respect for you.





After a long shoutbox dicussion I've come to terms on which it possibly can return to Halo 5 if it's fixed in the following way.

1. buff the single fire mode up to it taking one or two shots more to kill someone (last shot headshot) in comparison to the Pistol.

2. Nerf the Charged shot to it only taking down shields IF all pallets hit.

3. Increase the cooldown time to prevent quick charge and pop kills.


If it were to return with these changes I'd be able to tolerate it.







This week's poll will be my last. I'll explain more when this poll's results are posted- This week's Community Poll was suggested by Community Moderator, Total Mayh3m.

Which map should 343i Remaster Next? Explain what could change and what you would like to remain.



Leave your thoughts along with your vote below.

Voting ends 11-03-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST

Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll

and See y'all next week! :wave:


(Just a note, the results of this week's poll will be posted in this thread

since this there will not be a new poll next week)

Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1.

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The Halo 3 map Guardian should be the newt remastered map. The flow of the game is great and the verticality of the map allows the players to be versatile and creative in how they play. I'd get rid of the equipment and replace them with similar armor abilities. The flare though should be replaced with the pulse grenades. The cloaking power up should be switched with damage boost or speed boost. Overshields should stay the same. The brute shot and Brute Spiker should be replaced with the Boltshot and the Suppressor. Everything else should be kept the same.




When playing on Guardian, you can shoot and kill the flying creatures that are around the map. In the remastered version, if you shout a flying creature, the rest of them should start attacking the players at random for a limited time.

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Waterworks! That map could be so epic remastered!


I would keep much of the map the same like lockout and just add new subtle changes like additional paths, greater stalactite drops, maybe add a large beautiful underground waterfall and larger bases with additional vehicles like the new gun goose etc. Of course all in keeping the map balanced too though! I just see so much potential for an epic remake here that could be very visually beautiful and very large and fun to play in BTB!

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