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343i 34th Weekly Community Poll


Welcome all to the 34th 343i Weekly Community Poll!




Last week's Community Poll asked members what they thought about the Teaser Art 343i released for Halo 5: Guardians, particularly the motivation for the new character featured alongside Master Chief. Here are the results of that poll!


This new spartan likely will not be assisting the Chief! Be sure to check out Drizzy_Dan's post on this subject:


Really good topic BZ.


I think this ONI Spartan is there to find Chief with ulterior motives at first but I have a feeling their going to find some common enemy and end up having to work together. I think he'll catch Chief eventually but it'll be at a bad time, like when Chief is standing in front of a 50 foot tall Forerunner being like the one we saw in the first Halo 5 teaser trailer.




This week's Community Poll is user-submitted by our Forum's very own PUNishing Ninja, -Sparky-. Here it is!


What is your favorite Halo 4 Assassination?




Be sure to leave your thoughts and vote

HERE, and if you haven't already, check out

-Sparky-'s incredible guide to Assassinations



DEADLINE: 6-2-14 @ 6:00AM EST


Thanks for taking part in this week's Community Poll,

See y'all next week!



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