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  2. Unfortunately support for Halo 5 ended a while ago or it's at least on life support. There won't be any more gameplay additions or updates for it anymore unless they bring the game to PC, in which there may be a slight chance.
  3. I really love the bandanna skull it lets us play around with different weapons and lets us keep a good combo through out the levels plus I would not mind keeping unsc weapons through most of the missions in 4
  4. I really would love to play this game with some of the unsc weapons but ammo is far and few in between in this game
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  6. Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League Sideswipe, have announced that Season 4 is now live. The new season will introduce the Mutator Madness game mode, a Rocket League crossover event, a new arena, and a new Rocket Pass. Madness is a new causal mode that changes the rules of a match through random mutators. When each game is finished, players will vote on if they enjoyed the mutator they received, and based on the votes, the possible set of mutators will be removed until there's a winning combination selected on Friday. Whichever mutator setting wins will be playable throughout the weekend with a double XP boost. There is also be a new Rocket League crossover event that runs until July 19. Players who complete the event will earn a Calculated Goal Explosion for both Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe, and a Calculated Avatar for Sideswipe. To ensure you unlock the Goal Explosion, make sure your Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe are attached to the same Epic account. In addition to the crossover event, there is also a new area: Eggscalibur. Season 3 rewards, such as avatars and titles, will also be given out during Season 4 for players who achieved the highest rank during the season. New daily challenges will be introduced alongside the return of Ranked 2v2 Hoop and a new Rocket Pass. Rocket League Sideswipe is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. View the full article
  7. Saints Row announced on their official Twitter account that the main character, referred to as The Boss, will feature eight different voices to choose from. Of these eight voices, four of them will be more masculine in tone while the other four are more feminine-sounding. Each voice-over was provided by a different actor, making for a selection of distinct voices. The voices showcased in the new Saints Row trailer include a British female voice and a Western male voice, among others. The trailer also focused on the voice-over provided by Antony Del Rio, known for his work in Metal Gear Solid V, Injustice, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. Saints Row has been known for its wide variety of customizations in-game, allowing players to create their ideal saint. The franchise has always had a wide range of voices to choose from--usually three males and three females with one unique voice thrown in the mix--and several A-list voice actors, such as Troy Baker and Laura Baile. The Saints Row reboot was officially announced at Gamescom 2021. It's been eight years since a mainline Saints Row game following the Saints Row IV release in 2013 and the spin-off Agents of Mayhem released in 2017. For more Saints Row news, check out these stories: Saints Row Boss Factory Character Creator Is Out Today For FreeSaints Row Character Creator GameplaySaints Row: Everything We Know About Volition's Reboot Of The Action-Adventure SeriesView the full article
  8. Just after the Awakening Collection Event came to a close, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment launched a surprise event called the Summer Sundown Flash Event. While Arenas-based Flash Events are a regular occurrence in Apex Legends, this is the first Flash Event to hit the game's original battle royale mode. In addition to daily challenges and free rewards, the event has also given the in-game store a colorful makeover, with several new cosmetics and item bundles (including the exclusive Fluorescent Tech Legendary skin for Valkyrie). The Summer Sundown event runs until June 12, so players only have a week to complete challenges, obtain rewards, and purchase any premium skins they wish to own. Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends' Summer Sundown Flash Event. ChallengesSimilar to previous Flash Events, the Summer Sundown event has a series of five challenges that refresh each day. So far, only battle royale mode challenges are visible. As with previous events, daily challenges have a second set of challenges that appear once you've completed the first set. For instance, once you complete the challenge requiring you to play two matches, it will then be updated to give you the option to gain more event XP by playing five matches. The first set of challenges (and their corresponding XP rewards) are as follows: Play 2 matches: 200 XPDeal 1500 damage: 200 XPOpen 10 Supply Bins: 100 XPGet 5 knockdowns in battle royale: 100 XPGet 4 top 10 finishes in battle royale: 200 XPThe Summer Sundown Flash Event's free reward trackRewardsRewards are received periodically as players collect XP during the event. To gain all rewards, players must accumulate a total of 3000 XP. Players who complete the reward track will obtain a total of: 50 Crafting Metals29 Battle Pass Stars (which will instantly unlock three battle pass levels as long as the player already had one Battle Pass Star to begin with)1 Apex Pack1 holosprayHere's a level-by-level breakdown of the specific rewards players can receive from completing the Summer Sundown Flash Event's free reward track, and the amount of XP required to obtain each of them: 250 XP: 25 Crafting Metals500 XP: 3 Battle Pass Stars750 XP: 10 Battle Pass Stars1000 XP: 1 Rare-tier Apex Pack1250 XP: 3 Battle Pass Stars1500 XP: 25 Crafting Metals2000 XP: 3 Battle Pass Stars2500 XP: 10 Battle Pass Stars3000 XP: Epic-tier Clutch holosprayThe Clutch holospray, which appears to depict Revenant without his mask and cowlStore bundlesIn addition to the cosmetics from the free rewards track, players can also purchase the following items and bundles from the Summer Sundown Sale tab in the in-game store using Apex Coins (AC): Fluorescent Tech Valkyrie Skin (Legendary, event-exclusive): 1,800ACFluorescent Tech Pack Bundle (same as above, plus 60 Apex Packs): 6,000ACBooming System Gibraltar Bundle (Legendary Booming System skin, Legendary Beat Dropper R-99, and 2 Apex Packs): 2,500ACBooming System Pack Bundle (same cosmetics as above, plus 30 Apex Packs): 3,950ACNight Crawler Mirage Bundle (Legendary Night Crawler skin plus 2 Apex Packs): 1,800ACNight Crawler Pack Bundle (Legendary Night Crawler skin plus 30 Apex Packs): 3,950ACSpectre Pack Bundle (Epic Pocket Spectre weapon charm plus 20 Apex Packs): 1,000ACBlast Off Pack Bundle (Epic Rises To The Top weapon charm plus 100 Apex Packs): 6,700ACValkyrie's event-exclusive Fluorescent Tech Legendary skinThe Fluorescent Tech skin, Pocket Spectre weapon charm, and Blast Off weapon charm are the only event-exclusive items in the store, while the Booming System and Night Crawler skins originally debuted in previous events. For players on a budget, the Spectre Pack Bundle is perhaps the best deal out of all of them--players who purchase it will get 20 Apex Packs for the price of 10, plus a bonus bobblehead Spectre charm--undoubtedly a reference to the Spectres waiting to attack unsuspecting players in the recently-added IMC Armories on Storm Point. Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices. View the full article
  9. Battlefield 2042’s 1.1 update, Season 1’s first major patch, offers a dizzying number of minor fixes, weapon reworks, and vehicle changes. It will release across all platforms on July 6. The update expands XP events, granting XP for pilot kills, disarming mines, and repairing vehicles which go on to kill an enemy. Major balance changes include a reduction in power for the MV38-Condor’s 50mm Cannon, reworking the DMR to increase long-range combat usage, and increasing headshot damage in long range engagements. Battlefield Portal also received new additions such as new presets Air Superiority and Ground Superiority, new character voices, and the A-10 Warthog and SU-25TM Frogfoot as new vehicles in the Battlefield 3 mode. The game’s first season, similar to Battlefield 2042’s initial launch, suffered from persistence errors. EA also denied rumors that only a skeleton crew was working on the game, and confirmed that no one at DICE was working on a Mirror’s Edge sequel or reboot. The next major update for Battlefield 2042 will release in August, with more details to come. The full update notes are listed below. General A new widget has been added to the Main Menu which shows how many friends are currently online. You'll now also see the number of online friends directly in the Social tab.Voice Chat options now show you which device is being used for voice inputResolved some instances where Controllers would not provide input when launching the gameYou will no longer get stuck at the “party leader selects game” screen in the lobby when the party leader has already entered the next game. Friends stick together!You'll no longer see Unassigned or Not Set text in menus when using an alternate controller schemeA Party Leader icon has been added to the Social menuCamera settings for Vehicle 3rd person Field of View now apply immediately without having to cycle through camera options againChanging Squads while in a party now automatically sets your VoIP setting to PartyThe Kill Log sometimes didn't show all kills made when “Show Kills Made” setting was to ALL. It now properly shows all kills.Weapon Charms should now always be visible on weapons while scrolling through the menuBonus Missions now show the correct expiration timeEnd of Round visuals for Battle Pass rewards are no longer missing after playing a Portal matchThe Zoom button now functions correctly when previewing Charms in the catalogZooming in/out has been made smoother while in preview menusFixed overlapping icons in Tags for players you've taken downCompleted Challenges that previously didn't give out their reward should now retroactively grant themFurther new XP events have been added: New Pilot Kill Bonus Event - triggers alongside you snipe and kill the pilot of an air vehicleNew Disarming Mine Event - triggers when you disarm an enemy AT Mine using InteractRepair Assist - triggers when someone in a vehicle you recently repaired kills an enemy with that vehicleReduced XP reward of Spot Assists to 10 XPHow Players of the Match are selected is now more consistentPlayer Icons and Healthbars now update faster when their state changesMade various changes to smooth out the overall camera experienceThe Kill Card has received several improvements: list of nearby or incoming receivers is now visible on the Kill Card alongside information about the killerIf there are no assists involved in a kill then assist will not show on the KillcardThere is now an animation for when the Killcard is showing on screen or when hiding or skipping itBattlefield Portal New game presets Air Superiority and Ground Superiority have been added to the Web Builder You are able to adjust vehicle count in Air Superiority and Ground Superiority game modesAI Soldiers are now better at climbing ladders across Classic era mapsUnderbarrel attachments can now be resupplied as expected by Ammo CratesAdded Ranger to Restrictions tabTeleportation action block now works inside HQsAudio New and unique character voices have been added for: Battlefield 1942 British EngineerBattlefield 1942 American Anti-TankBattlefield 1942 German Engineer (aka Günter)Additional voice over lines have been added for Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 non-squad soldiersMaps Added 4 extra-small layouts for existing maps (Battle of the Bulge, El Alamein, Kaleidoscope and Manifest). These are suitable for creating new Vehicle TDM experiences, but they'll also work with Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All modesSeveral fixes have been made across Classic era maps to resolve terrain, prop and collision issuesModifiers Added Passenger Seat Modifier: disabling passenger seats allows for a higher maximum number of vehicles.Added the option to toggle passenger seats availabilityAdded Set Max Health Multiplier modifier for vehiclesAdded InfiniteWeaponMagazines modifierAdded Projectile speed multiplier modifier for throwable itemsRules Editor Added CompareVehicleName value block and VehicleName selection list blockAdded GetVehicleState GetPosition value block for vehiclesAdded GetVehicleState GetFacingDirection value block for vehiclesAdded AllPlayersInsideVehicle array value blockAdded GetVehicleState LinearVelocity value blockAdded the option to enable and disable capture points in Air Superiority and Ground Superiority experiencesAdded GetCapturePoint value blockAllow error reports to send additional payloads in Error LogsAdd new action block for sending custom error reports in Logic EditorVehicles Bad Company 2 Replaced the UH-60 on the Russian team with the Mi-24 HindReplaced the BMP-2 on the Russian team with the BMD-3Battlefield 3 Added the A-10 Warthog and SU-25TM Frogfoot as new vehiclesGadgets Resolved several clipping animations for melee weapons while vaulting over obstaclesResolved several gadgets clipping through hands while vaultingThe EMP effect from thrown EMP Grenades will no longer affect players outside the visual radiusFXM-33 AA Missile FXM-33 AA Missile UI will no longer remain on screen while switching to another weaponFixed an issue where no 'In Stealth' state is displayed while locking on to Helicopters with the FXM-33 AARepair Tool The "Repairing" voice over no longer plays when attempting to repair destroyed vehiclesUsing the Repair Tool no longer sometimes causes the camera to shakeSmoke Grenade Launcher The Smoke Grenade Launcher's name is now properly displayed in the Kill Log and Kill CardSOFLAM The overlay on vehicles for the SOFLAM now has the accurate colors; grey when in progress and yellow when fully locked onSpawn Beacon The Spawn Beacon now takes 1 to 2 bullets to destroy instead of 4 to 7Hazard Zone We’ve made several changes to reduce the reliance on the Data Drive Scanners within Hazard Zone. This should make it easier to understand the mode, and allows you more choice in which gadgets you want to deploy with. Increased cost of the Data Drive Scanner from 0 to 200Now only shows players carrying Data Drives when scanningData Drives are now globally shown in the worldIBA Armor Plates are now free and the default gadgetA new mechanic has been added to Hazard Zone, called Second Chance. This should make it more forgiving while you are first getting to know and start interacting with new squad mates. If your squad wipes before the first extraction, then the whole squad is redeployed one time after 15 seconds, at a different location from where you first insertedRedeploy and Second Chance now spawns players at 500m instead of 100m. Until the player is 100m above the ground, the parachute cannot be usedSeveral further changes have been added to faster to get into a Hazard Zone match Map Overview has been removedReduced the amount of players needed to start the timer for starting the round, even if the server isn't full yetReduced the start timer from 2 -> 1 minuteTactical Items Quickdraw Holster has been removedThrowable Increase I - Increased to +2 extra throwable, up from +1Faster Healing I - Increased healing with 50%, up from 20%Insider Information - Increased location reveal from 30s -> 60s before impactInsider Information - Reduced rarity to Rare, down from EpicInsider Information - Reduced costs from 400 -> 200 CreditsBiometric Scanning - Now spots enemies for 100% longer, up from 50%Biometric Scanning - Increased rarity to Rare, up from CommonBiometric Scanning - Increased costs from 100 -> 200 CreditsTable Deal - Increased cost from 400 -> 600 CreditsAmmo Increase II - Increased to +3 additional magazines, up from +2Ammo Increase II - Increased rarity to Epic, up from RareAmmo Increase II - Increased cost from 400 -> 600 CreditsFaster Healing II - Increased healing with 100%, up from 50%Faster Healing II - Increased cost from 400 -> 600 CreditsMaps & Modes Fixed several visual, collision, lighting and interaction related bugs across Current era mapsResolved an issue on Discarded that could cause defending players to become stuck when spawningResolved instances on Discarded where EMP Grenades exploded without delay after being thrownIt no longer happens that the wrong voice overs would sometimes play when a match was in overtimeBreakthrough Distinctive icons have been added for both Attackers and DefendersDirectional retreat indicators have been added for defenders. This helps you understand in which direction you need to retreatObjective icons now show a hold Hold, Defend, Attack or Retake description to make it easier to understand where you need to goAudio has been tweaked to increase the feeling of tension during a matchThe transition from the match into the End of Round screen has been smoothenedSoldier Soldiers will no longer sometimes clip through terrain when running up steep slopesGadgets and weapons will no longer sometimes clip through walls while vaultingPing locations are no longer inaccurate when in a vehicle seat as a passengerJumping will no longer sometimes be interrupted after slidingSoldier hip rotation animations have been improvedYou are now able to vault over some angled walls that prevented this previouslyYou are now able to move while Aiming Down Sights and being proneStrafing no longer causes the camera to slightly moveSeveral improvements have been added to soldier movements animations: Separated aiming from turning so 3P animations can now look around slightly before triggering a turn animationAdded leaning to 3P animationsAdded new and improved idle animationsFixed an issue where your 3P animation wouldn't always show that you were in traversal sprintThe revive animation for enemy soldiers has been polishedAnimations for a soldier jumping and descending from an upside down plane have been improvedChanging to your primary weapon in mid melee attack now shows the correct melee animationFall damage should no longer be inconsistentAnimations while looking down during traversal sprint have been improvedPinging an enemy Hovercraft no longer plays a voice over indicating it's empty and ready for usePlayers should no longer slide away after a takedownResolved a broken animation while throwing an Ammo Crate or Medical Crate while vaultingThe death animation when redeploying has been removedThe Parachute / Wingsuit hint no longer remains on screen after either are deployedYou will no longer automatically enter a vehicle if you revive a teammate who was under itYou'll no longer get a takedown prompt when a takedown is currently being performed on youIt's now possible to interrupt the Initial Deploy animation while ADSMoving sometimes caused specific weapons to have their animations broken, this has been fixedWhen reviving a player there was a chance that the weapon attachments would get all spooky and become misplaced. We've cured their fear of the deadSpecialists Angel A blocked loadout message no longer appears in error when interacting with the Loadout CrateIt's now possible to remain crouched while interacting with Angels' Supply Crate.Resolved a repeating animation when repeatedly selecting the Supply BagThe 3P flash effect is now visible while being revived by AngelAngel's Trait has been reworded to indicate he now only supplies ammo, instead of armorBoris Resolved several inconsistent placement areas for the SG-36 Sentry Gun on ExposureThe “Place Turret” hint no longer shows after the SG-36 Sentry Gun has already been deployedThe SG-36 Sentry Gun can no longer fire downwards at extreme anglesThe SG-36 Sentry Gun can now fall through broken glassCasper It's no longer possible to deploy the OV-P Recon Drone in elevators which allows players to see through walls. This will now instead destroy the drone.Dozer The correct Kill Card is now displayed while Dozer dies from heavy fire while having the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield deployedThe SOB-8 Ballistic Shield can now block missiles from the G-84 TGMFalck Using ADS with the S21 Syrette Pistol now shows the correct visual instead of a red lined patternShooting allies with the S21 Syrette Pistol no longer sometimes triggers the friendly fire voice overLis Being hit by EMP Field Grenades now causes you to exit the G-84 TGM TV screenFixed an issue that caused Lis' G-84 TGM missile to bounce off of certain bushesFixed an issue that caused Sundance's Anti Armor grenade to lock onto and chase Lis' G-84 TGM missileIncreased the delay for exiting the G-84 TGM’s screen to 1 secondIt's no longer possible to damage friendly air vehicles with the G-84 TGM’s missileThe G-84 TGM missile will no longer bounce off vehiclesRao The Hack indicator should no longer freeze in place after starting a hackSundance The Anti-Armor Smart Explosive UI no longer gets stuck in lock on when the grenade has already been deployedThe Kill Feed now properly indicates players killed by the Scatter GrenadePaik Scrolling through weapons with a mouse wheel will no longer activate Paik's EMG-X ScannerUI/HUD The Commorose now shows shortened objective names so the text doesn't clip or overlapThe Nearby Players list now accurately reflects nearby teammatesPlayers dying due to friendly fire no longer show up as an enemy in the Kill FeedThe Need Spotting Commorose command no longer displays empty text in the game feedPlayer name tags no longer change position while occluded by coverYou'll no longer see a hit indicator when shooting a dead enemyVehicles Anti-Air and Anti-Tank lock on missiles will now acquire new targets without a delay. This should make switching targets significantly smootherAnti-Tank missiles now also lock on to empty vehicles to prevent you from losing your target if the target vehicle is abandonedOverall target acquisition for lock on missiles has been improvedThe YG-99 would sometimes look a little banged up in the collection screens. We've buffed it outFixed Stealth bombing coordinates so they no longer show negative valuesWe have taught our autocorrect how to spell Suppressed within the Stealth Helicopter weaponry descriptionsWhile flying an aircraft, the yawing input now stops when the mouse is not moving.Fixed an issue where a second TOW missile could be fired from vehicles while still controlling the first oneFixed an issue where the minimap view cone would not follow the camera in driver/pilot freelook, gunner and passenger seatsDamage markers distance to center updated in vehicles to solve overlapping HUDDriving over a street lamp no longer makes the camera go inside the vehicle. Vehicle love lampYou should no longer see the landing gear on the SU-57 while it’s in flightDying while driving the Polaris Sportsman will no longer cause the camera to violently shakeFixed an issue where Stealth Helicopter bombs would sometimes jitter as they fellBullet tracers would sometimes go in the wrong direction while firing from vehicle weapons. We've reset their internal compass and they now point in the right directionVehicle grenade crosshairs no longer display the wrong ammoFixed an issue where the critical health recovery audio cue triggers everytime you exit vehicleCrashing an air vehicle into a friendly vehicle will no longer mark them as an enemy in the kill camF-35E Panther / SU-57 FELON - 25mm Cannon (internal) Damage increased from 20 -> 30Damage Fall Off start increased from 100 -> 250Minimum dispersion has been removedMaximum dispersion decreased from 1 -> 0.7Dispersion increase per shot has been loweredAirplane Air-to-Ground Missile Missile Rate of Fire increased from 30 -> 90Replenish delay increased from 8 -> 20sLock time increased from 1 -> 1.5sLock release time reduced from 1 -> 0.5sAirplane Air-to-Air missile Increased lock from 1 -> 1.5sMD540 Nightbird - Mounted 20mm Cannons: Rate of Fire lowered to 250 -> 200Replenish time increased from 1.8 -> 2.5T28 / M1A5 - Kinetic Grenade Weapon Pod Lower blast radius from 10 -> 7mLowered inner blast radius from 4 -> 3mMAV Autocannon has been adjusted to make it a close range anti-vehicle weapon with diminished power over longer distances: Speed decreased from 980 -> 300Rate of fire increased from 120 -> 140Damage increased from 40 -> 65Added damage fall off start distance at 25mAdded damage fall off end distance 150mAdded blast damage fall off curveBlast damage increased from 10 -> 25Blast radius from 1 ->3mMV38-Condor - 50mm Cannon Pod Now fires single shotsRate of Fire reduced from 110 -> 40Longer replenish delay to fit the new slower rate of fireWeapons AK24 no longer incorrectly shows it has a single rate of fireFixed an issue where AK-24 attachments would not lower the recoil of the weapon as intendedFixed an issue where AC-42 magazines were displaying an incorrect rate of fireFixed MCS-880 Flechettes doing unintended high damage at longer rangesFixed an issue where some weapons wouldn't play reload sounds while using an underbarrel attachmentsFixed an issue where the SWS-10 Extended mag has a negative rate of fire within the collection screenUpdated DDM4 magazines so bullets are not shown through scopesFixed an issue where the time to live on the Incendiary grenade underbarrel was too shortFixed an issue where attachments were not available when opening the Plus MenuFixed an issue which would cause the bipod to deploy itself changing scopesLaser sights would stop working while in 1P when a player would switch equipment or enter in a vehicle. This no longer happensExiting a vehicle with the DXR-1 triggers no longer triggers the bipod deploy animationM44 Revolver damage increased up to 75mFixed an issue that caused aim assist to not work for vehicle passengers in open seatsFixed an issue where swapping attachments caused some underbarrel attachments to become activated incorrectlyFixed an issue that made it possible to fire faster than intended with some bolt action rifles by swapping attachmentsWe've updated DMR's to make them more valuable in long-range combat as we currently felt they were underperforming. The first improvement we made here is to increase Bullet Speed, which means less lead time when firing at your target. BSV-M: 700 -> 790SVK: 860 -> 960VCAR: 600 -> 700DM7: 740 -> 800We also noticed that headshots weren’t rewarding enough for extended combat engagements. To address this we've tweaked their Headshot Damage Multiplier at long-range: BSV-M / DM7: 1.9x -> 2.2xSVK 1.5x -> 1.6 xVCAR: 1.8x -> 2xNo changes have been made to DMR performance in short to medium range combat, and they’ll feel as you are used to when fighting against Assault Rifles and SMG's. View the full article
  10. Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted returns players to the massive Leviathan, with multiple regions to explore--making it perfect for Easter egg hunts. Opulent, golden Bobbleheads of Cabal Emperor Calus are scattered around the ship. At the H.E.L.M. by the Crown of Sorrow, you can check which Bobbleheads you need for your dignified effigies of Calus display. H.E.L.M. Bobblehead DisplayCollecting these progresses the #1 Fan triumph under the new Haunted Triumphs Seal for the Reaper title. Players must collect all Calus Bobbleheads and display them at the H.E.L.M. to get the Eidolon Exotic Ghost shell. Week 6Calus Bobblehead 9: Sever - ResolveCalus Bobblehead in the Sever - Resolve mission.The final Bobblehead is in a room you probably noticed in Sever - Rage and might have wondered why it was empty. In the last portion of the mission, you'll make your way through a big cylindrical vent room with stopped fans. Look up and to the left just past the second fan to find a platform you can climb up into, leading into a small storage room filled with crates--and seemingly little else. Check the back of the room behind all the detritus to find the final Bobblehead. Week 5Calus Bobblehead 8: Sever - RageCalus Bobblehead located in the Sever - Rage mission.To get your eighth Bobblehead, fire up Caiatl's first Sever mission and make your way to the portion in which you find yourself locked down with a contaminant--which turns out to be one of the unkillable Gahlran Nightmares that have chased you around in Sever missions before. To deal with this one, you'll need to lead it into a place called the "Immolation Hall," where you can kill it with fire. On your way there, you'll enter a hallway with a bunch of goo and fungus all over it, right before reaching the Immolation Hall itself. There's a gap under the catwalk-like floor beneath you, and you can slip under it to find the Calus Bobblehead right beneath the middle of the room. Week 4Calus Bobblehead 7: Sever - ForgivenessCalus Bobblehead in Sever - Forgiveness.The Calus Bobblehead in Zavala's Forgiveness mission isn't tough to get to, but it's extremely easy to miss. Proceed through the mission until you hit a cylindrical tube full of fungus, right before the end. To get to the final fight, you'd usually use Eregore fungus spores, then drop down into a hole in the floor that lets you crawl through a vent to reach Zavala. The Bobblehead is right before this exit, in one of the junctions of the tube that leads to the Eregore spores, hidden above a large round cylindrical piece of machinery. Week 3Calus Bobblehead 6: Sever - GriefSever - Grief intersection where you can find the Calus Bobblehead.Zavala's first Sever mission provides an easy Bobblehead for you. Look for it immediately after planting your first Ritual Amplifier, which will open a door ahead of you that leads to a junction. Calus Bobblehead in the Sever - Grief mission.The path forward is to the right, but hang a left instead and look behind the crates covered in fungus you find here. The Bobblehead is right behind the crates against the wall of the dead end, just out of sight. Week 2Calus Bobblehead 5: Sever - Reconciliation MissionLook for the Calus Bobblehead in the tunnels of the Sever - Reconciliation mission.Returning the Sever to help Crow gives you a chance at another Bobblehead, and this one is better hidden than some of the previous ones. Proceed through mission until you crawl through the vent tubes, right after you shoot the several Arc conduits through the door. You'll remember this crawl from Sever - Shame, and probably recall that the tubes are a bit of a maze. To find the bobblehead, you want to make your way as far to the right as possible; it's secreted at a dead end that's lit with red light. The easiest way to find it, however, is to exit the tubes at the far end. When you get out, turn around and face the wall with the exit and make your way all the way to the left, to a second exit, where the Calus robot waited for you in Shame. Go back into the tubes at the exit farthest to the left and look for a junction just ahead, where the Bobblehead will be waiting. Week 1Calus Bobblehead 1: CastellumCastellum Calus Bobblehead locationThe Castellum Bobblehead is easy to find, but hard to get. After you land in the Castellum area of the Leviathan--which you can access from the Moon destination--head out of the hallway and turn to the left. There will be a small lever with red lights in front of a locked door with the Castellum Bobblehead inside. In order to unlock the door, you will need to clear Tier 3 Nightmare Containment--lifting the lockdown protocols. When the protocol is lifted, head to the lever to unlock the door. The Bobblehead will be on the floor of the tiny room. The door closes after a few seconds so be sure to grab it in time. Castellum Calus Bobblehead inside the locked room, accessible after completing a Tier 3 Nightmare Containment event.You can tell if you have access to the door by the chest cache waypoint inside the room after the lockdown protocols are lifted. The two doors unlocked by the lockdown protocol are random, so if you can't open the door, you need to complete Tier 1 through Tier 3 Nightmare Containment again. Calus Bobblehead 2: Pleasure GardensPleasure Gardens Calus Bobblehead location, behind the big Calus statue in the center of the room.You can head down to Pleasure Gardens from the central doorway in the Castellum. Go to the front of the room where the giant statue is standing. This Calus Bobblehead is hiding behind the giant statue. The side doorway in the Royal Pools will also lead you to the Pleasure Gardens. Calus Bobblehead 3: Royal PoolsHole in the ground in the Royal Pools region, in the back-right corner of the area.Players can get to the Royal Pools from the round doorway in the Pleasure Gardens or walk along the left wall after landing in Castellum and head down through that doorway. After arriving at the Royal Pools from the Castellum, go to the room on the right side of the baths area. The corner of the room will have a large, red-lit hole on the ground. Jump through the hole and defeat the yellow-bar enemies to clear the way. You'll find the Royal Pools Bobblehead at the end of the tunnel. Calus Bobblehead at the end of the tunnel in Royal Pools.If you enter from the Pleasure Gardens, you'll arrive in the correct room in the baths area. Just head to the right corner of the room and jump down the hole. Calus Bobblehead 4: Sever - Shame MissionThe fourth Bobblehead is inside the Sever - Shame mission. You can access this mission by completing Step 2 in the Bound in Sorrow seasonal quest. Manual Override console in the Sever - Shame Weekly Mission.When you reach the Manual Override console, it will tell you to activate four Manual Override switches around the perimeter. The first lever is next to the console, and the other three locations will be marked--making the puzzling area easier to navigate. This entire time an immune Unrelenting Nightmare will chase after you, so be sure to dodge its attacks. Carrying the wrench in the Sever - Shame Weekly Mission.The Calus Bobblehead is in a tall, orange-lit shaft with pipes and an electric barrier. To remove the barrier, go to the location of a wrench marked on the screen. Pick up the heavy wrench object and carry it to the next marked location. Place it in its designated spot to remove the barrier. You can activate the manual override switch and jump up the shaft to the platform at the top to grab the fourth Bobblehead. Sever - Shame Weekly Mission Bobblehead.You can grab the Bobblehead without removing the barrier, but it's tricky because you need to carefully jump up the large pipes. Since there are more Bobbleheads to be found in the Leviathan in later weeks, we will update this guide as we come across them. Season of the Haunted brings many new Seasonal Challenges, weekly missions, and season pass rewards. Also, if you still haven't found all the Lucent Months from The Witch Queen expansions, it's not too late! View the full article
  11. Alchemy Stars developers Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio are collaborating with Atlus to bring the character of Persona 5 Royal to the mobile game. The event will run from July 14 to August 3 and will introduce Joker, Fox, Queen, Violet, and Mona to Alchemy Stars. Players participating in the crossover event will be able to recruit Persona 5 Royal cast via a limited-time banner. In addition to recruiting them, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a unique crossover story. In the new story, you'll be taken through the heart of Umbraton where you'll eventually run into Phantom Thieves, who find themselves lost in a new world. With the help of the Phantom Thieves, players will discover the source of Shadows plaguing Umbraton in this limited-time story. Alchemy Stars is a mobile RPG game with gacha elements incorporated in-game. This isn't the first time we've seen Persona 5 collaborate with other titles. They've previously appeared in other games such as Smash Bros, Phantasy Star, Sonic Forces, Dragalia Lost, and many other others. Alchemy Stars is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. View the full article
  12. Two weeks after Apex Legends received an update that broke the game for next-gen Xbox players, Respawn has released an update that remedies the input lag issue that first appeared after the Awakening Collection Event went live with the 13.1 patch. Xbox users gained access to the 13.1 patch two hours later than players on other platforms. When the update finally went live, players immediately began reporting issues on Xbox--namely input delay that made the game impossible to play. A previous attempt to address the bugs was made last week, but it appeared to cause more problems than it solved. The input lag issue is emblematic of a common pattern in which one update causes a serious bug, but subsequent updates meant to address said bug end up adding even more bugs to the game, some of which remain unresolved for months at a time (like the bug that prevents party chat from working correctly on Xbox Series X|S, which has been unresolved for over three months). We think that Respawn should take a break from new Apex Legends content in favor of taking some time to fully address the bugs and quality of life issues that have persisted despite multiple updates and patches. Having tested Apex Legends on Xbox following the release of the new update, it appears that the input lag issue has been resolved, but issues with hit registration, inventory access, and Replicator crafting continue to plague the game. Some players are urging Respawn to extend the Awakening Collection Event for another week, to give Xbox players who missed the event due to input lag a chance to catch up and complete the event's free rewards track, though the event has already come to an end. Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices. View the full article
  13. Niantic announced that Pokemon Go players were able to complete the Global Challenge for Pokemon Go Berlin. Players earned Ultra Unlock bonuses for the Anniversary Event, which runs until July 12, and for the Battle Weekend, which runs until July 10. Players will also receive new Pokemon, the Unown E*, which will appear in raids. In addition to the Unown E*, Pansear will also appear in raids and the wild. Below is a list of first partner Pokemon that'll know previously featured attacks when evolved during the event: Frenzy Plant (Charged Attack): Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, SnivyBlast Burn (Charged Attack): Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, TepigHydro Cannon (Charged Attack): Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, OshawottDragon Breath (Fast Attack): Charmander.Below you'll find everything updated in The Battle Weekend event bonuses: Team Go Rocket balloons will appear every two hoursEnjoy up to 20 Go Battle League sets each dayEarn 5× Stardust from Go Battle League RewardsEnjoy one extra Raid Pass per dayEarn 50% extra XP from Raid BattlesEarn 2 Mysterious Components from defeating Team Go Rocket GruntsEarn 50% extra Stardust from defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts.Encounter Legendary Pokémon in Go Battle League reward encounters at Rank 16 and up.Pokemon is a free-to-play game. You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more Pokemon Go news, check out these stories: Pokemon Go's Expanded Social Tool App, Campfire, To Roll Out To Players Over The SummerNew Party Hat Pokemon To Appear For Pokemon Go's Sixth Anniversary EventPokemon Go Dev Cancels Transformers Game And Three Others, Lays Off As Many As 90 - ReportNiantic Addresses Pokemon Go Community Concerns And Offers More Go Fest 2022 DetailsView the full article
  14. An upcoming Xbox version of the action figure shooter Hypercharge Unboxed is bringing the game back into the spotlight, but fans angry about the lack of a release date also provoked a statement from the developer. Hypercharge Unboxed released on Steam in 2020, and is also available on Switch, but is currently ramping up for a major update and an Xbox release. As part of that ramping up, the official Twitter account has been posting footage of the game alongside calls to sign up for the game’s newsletter. Clips of Hypercharge, showing GI Joe-esque action figures bursting out of packaging and then combating other toys in a toy store, have repeatedly gone viral. That kind of attention can come with a dark side. The developers have reportedly come under harassment for not specifying a release date. In response, the Hypercharge team, Digital Cybercherries, released a statement on the game’s official Twitter account, condemning the harassment and emphasizing that developers are human beings. The statement says that the game is made by five developers and that the statement’s writer, Joe, is “the entire marketing department for Hypercharge.” Joe assured that the game will release on Xbox, that there is no release date because the team doesn’t have one yet, and that an ETA will come when the team is “comfortable with where we are in development and marketing.” Hypercharge Unboxed offers PvP and co-op modes, alongside split-screen and online multiplayer. There are not official brand crossovers, but the game is playful with references. Many of its iconography is obviously inspired by pop culture stables, like green army men and LEGO. The action figures themselves resembled GI Joe, Mortal Kombat, and even characters from the action-comedy Small Soldiers. View the full article
  15. Despite loud criticism of its in-game microtransactions, Diablo Immortal has reportedly earned developer Blizzard nearly $50 million in the first month since the free-to-play mobile game's release. The new sales data comes from MobileGamer.biz using information pulled from Appmagic, which tracks mobile game earnings. MobileGamer.biz notes that the $48.9 million earned by Blizzard is after Apple and Google have taken their 30% cut from sales made on the App Store or Google Play, which means overall spending for Diablo Immortal is even higher than $50 million. MobileGamer.biz's report suggests Diablo Immortal spending peaked 10 days after launch on June 11, when Blizzard earned $2.4 million in a single day. In its first week, Blizzard earned nearly $12 million from Diablo Immortal. In fact, there wasn't a single day in the game's first month of availability that in-game spending dipped below $1 million. More than 10 million players have downloaded Diablo Immortal so far, with most of those downloads coming within the first week. It's important to note that Diablo Immortal is not yet available worldwide. Its release in certain parts of Asia was delayed to July 7, and it has been delayed indefinitely in China, which is likely to be the mobile RPG's biggest market. While the game is available in most of Europe, it is banned in the Netherlands and Belgium thanks to local laws regulating gambling and loot boxes. Though the game appears to be doing well for Blizzard financially, Diablo Immortal (which is also available on PC) is by far the worst-received game in the franchise's history. In addition to a poor critical reception, the game's PC version earned the distinction of lowest user score rating in Metacritic history. Many of the complaints longtime Diablo fans have with Diablo Immortal stems from how the game is monetized and the fact that it is pay-to-win, with players who spend more money able to become more powerful than those that don't. While there are no paywalls to access in-game content, the fact that much of Diablo Immortal's endgame revolves around PvP means players who don't spend money may quickly feel as if they are being left behind. Blizzard recently clarified that while the upcoming Diablo IV will include microtransactions and an in-game shop, players will not be able to buy power with real money. View the full article
  16. A new version of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is now available on mobile. While the original Phoenix Wright games have already been on mobile devices, this re-release puts the mobile versions on-par with the vastly improved PC and console versions released in 2019. Those enhancements include improved image and audio quality, plus other quality-of-life improvements. You'll have access to an expanded ten save slots, and there are more language options, including English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The trilogy includes Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Those three are the original Phoenix Wright games released on Nintendo DS that introduced western audiences to the series. The previous mobile releases were discontinued in June in preparation for this re-release. The new and improved version of the trilogy can now be purchased for $25. Like all the Phoenix Wright games, these games have you solve mysteries while defending hapless clients falsely accused of crimes. It was followed by several several sequels and spin-offs, including games following Phoenix's protoge Apollo Justice, another starring the prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, a prequel duology set 100 years before Wright's time, and even a crossover with fellow puzzle series Professor Layton. Few of these have been released for mobile devices. View the full article
  17. Square Enix has released new content for its RPG mobile game Echoes Of Mana. The new content will include the "Ice and Fire" scenario event where ice and fire harvest players can summon beloved characters such as Angela, Julius, and others. Players participating in the 31st Anniversary Campaign celebration can obtain an anniversary celebration gift, a special Mana series login bonus, and more. The new "Ice and Fire" scenario event will include an original story with familiar characters in the series. Players who complete event-limited bingo missions can receive a three-star ally Mousseline (Que Sera Sera Ver.) and a three-star memory gem, "Twofold Flame." In addition, players will also earn EP when finishing event quests and using it to trade for unleash material exclusive to Mousseline (Que Sera Sera Ver.) and other items. As a part of the Mana Series 31st-anniversary campaign, all players will be gifted a four-star memory gem illustrated by the popular series artist, Haccan by logging in and collecting the gift from the Missions screen. Other login bonuses will include the following: Mana Series 31st Anniversary Login Bonus – Players can get up to 3,100 Spirit Crystals for logging in for seven days during this login bonus campaign period. The Spirit Crystals will also amount to up to 11 summons for free.Final Fantasy Adventure Anniversary Log-in Bonus – Players can get an exclusive sticker of Marcy from Final Fantasy Adventure that you can use in-game just for logging in.There'll also be new allies featured in the Ice and Fire summons. Such as a new four-star ally Angela (Shining Magic Power Ver.) and four-star ally Julius (Tactical Mage of Manipulation Ver.). A new four-star memory gem, "Book of Curing," will also be included, and the first ten summons will also be available for half the cost. Echoes Of Mana is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play. For more Echoes Of Mana news, check out these stories: Legend Of Mana's Elazul And Lady Blackpearl Coming To Echoes Of ManaSquare Enix's Mana Series Is Getting Two New Games And An Anime SeriesView the full article
  18. If you’re in the market for a highly affordable laptop that can handle all your daily tasks, this refurbished HP Business Chromebook is up to the challenge. Not only does it include a 9.5-hour battery life and 16GB hard disk, but it’s on sale for just $40, making this a great option for anyone seeking a budget laptop for use with basic web browsing and productivity thanks to Google's suite of apps. Rounding out the HP Business Chromebook is a 2.58GHz Celeron processor, 2GB RAM, and 1600 Hz memory speed. Each purchase also comes with a wall adapter and power cord. Units are expected to start shipping next week and come with a 30-day return policy. If you need something a bit more robust, consider checking out our best cheap gaming laptop list. We’ve also pulled together a bunch of early Prime Day laptop deals, which includes MacBooks, gaming laptops, and productivity powerhouses. View the full article
  19. Ubisoft has announced two more presentations for the year, which will begin with a Skull And Bones showcase on July 7 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET and a Ubisoft Forward event in September. For the Skull And Bones spotlight, Ubisoft explained on its blog that it will provide an in-depth look at the upcoming open-world multiplayer pirate game on its YouTube or Twitch. Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, it hasn't been smooth sailing for Skull And Bones since it was first announced at E3 2017 and underwent numerous changes over the years. In April, a lengthy gameplay video emerged from a Skull And Bones technical test and the game has recently been rated by the ESRB, with one leaker claiming that it'll be released in November. For the September 10 event that kicks off at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET, Ubisoft says that fans can expect multiple game announcements. The company didn't reveal more than that, but several of its in-development games are already public knowledge. The latest Nintendo Direct revealed more details on the next Mario + Rabbids game, a Splinter Cell remake is in the works, and it's possible that the constantly delayed Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake could also make an appearance. Then there are Ubisoft's other big franchises, such as Far Cry, Just Dance, and its Avatar tie-in game. After these Ubisoft Forward events there's also an Assassin's Creed spotlight to look forward to later in September. A celebration of the 15th anniversary of the franchise, it could shed more light on the live service Assassin's Creed Infinity (codename) project and the rumored smaller-scale Assassin's Creed Valhalla spin-off. View the full article
  20. Apex Legends Mobile's latest Arsenal Drop is now available in the portable battle royale's in-game store. The Demolition Crew Arsenal Drop features a collection of 20 cosmetic items, from stat trackers to Legendary skins. The cosmetics are unlocked at random, and each reward has a different probability of being unlocked. But Arsenal Drops are far from simple, often utilizing complicated purchase methods that can be a little confusing (and involve a lot of math). Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the Demolition Crew Arsenal Drop--including exactly how much cash you'll need to shell out to snag all 20 cosmetics. Getting startedWhen you open the Apex Legends Mobile App, a splash screen advertising the Demolition Crew Arsenal Drop will appear. Select "Go!" to be taken directly to the event screen. If you've already closed the window, however, you can find the new Arsenal Drop by selecting the store tab on the main lobby screen, then navigating to the Emporium page, where you will find a link to the event. With patience, you can also find the event page by waiting for the event's banner ad to appear on the right side of the lobby. Loot box pricesThe Demolition Crew Arsenal Drop does not allow cosmetics to be directly purchased. Instead, players can pay to open a loot box with Syndicate Gold. Once payment is made, one of the event's 20 cosmetic items will be randomly unlocked. There are no duplicate items, so once you unlock a prize, it is removed from the loot pool. But the cost of opening a box increases with each round. While the first box is only 45 Syndicate Gold (roughly $0.50 USD), the next box costs 65 Syndicate Gold. Here's a round-by-round breakdown of the cost of each loot box: Box #1: 45 SGBox #2: 65 SGBox #3: 100 SGBox #4: 120 SGBox #5: 150 SGBox #6: 250 SGBox #7: 350 SGBox #8: 450 SGBox #9: 550 SGBox #10: 650 SGBox #11: 750 SGBox #12: 850 SGBox #13: 950 SGBox #14: 1,050 SGBox #15: 1,150 SGBox #16: 1,250 SGBox #17: 1,400 SGBox #18: 1,600 SGBox #19: 1,800 SGBox #20: 2,300 SGIf your goal is to unlock the entire collection, you will need a total of 15,830 Syndicate Gold--equivalent to about $159 USD. But because Syndicate Gold can only be purchased in bundles from the in-game shop, it will actually cost you roughly $175 USD to obtain the complete cosmetic collection. The Demolition Crew Arsenal Drop page, featuring Fade's Phase Engineer skinOdds and prizesThe event's cosmetics are separated into six tiers, each of which have a specific probability listed next to them on the event screen. These are the odds of unlocking a cosmetic from each tier, along with the cosmetics included in each tier. Tier six: 50% Winning Kills Gibraltar stat trackerKills as kill leader Gibraltar stat trackerWins Gibraltar stat trackerLet's Do This Gibraltar emoji (Epic)Hey There Lifeline emoji (Epic)Tier five: 33% Do Not Cross Bangalore Skin (Rare)Lifeline Pack Lifeline banner frame (Epic)Endless Black Hole Fade banner frame (Epic)Intergalactic avatar frame (Epic)Tier four: 10% Stainless RE45 skin (Epic)Support Steel Sentinel skin (Epic)Haka Gibraltar emote (Legendary)Helping Hand Lifeline holospray (Epic)Tier three: 5% Phase Engineer Fade skin (Epic)Destruction Boss Caustic skin (Epic)Energy Shield Gibraltar banner frame (Legendary)Tier two: 1.5% Machine Surgeon Lifeline skin (Legendary)The Demolisher Peacekeeper skin (Legendary)Tier one: 0.5% Earth Mover Gibraltar skin (Legendary)Pressure Point Hemlock skin (Legendary)Curiously, a look at the in-game event description lists different odds for each tier. This appears to be a mistake on the part of the developers. It is not clear which set of odds is correct, but we've reached out to EA for more details and will update this story if we receive a reply. The odds listed in the event description are as follows: Tier six: 50%Tier five: 31%Tier four: 10%Tier three: 5%Tier two: 3%Tier one: 1%Apex Legends Mobile does not currently have any Heirloom weapons, so unlocking at 20 cosmetics won't grant you a special reward. Once you unlock all of the cosmetics you've had your eye on, there is no reason to continue opening loot boxes. The Demolition Crew Arsenal Drop will be live in the in-game store for the next 12 days, so players have plenty of time to save up Syndicate Gold and decide which cosmetics they want to unlock. But if the Demolition Crew cosmetics don't catch your eye, you may wish to try out the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist, another random-roll event with slightly different rules. Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android. View the full article
  21. A revamped version of the popular co-op mode for Skyrim, entitled Skyrim Together Reborn, will release on July 8 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. One of the developers announced the release on Reddit, also stating that support for previous versions of the mods is over. The mod supports 2-8 players. NPCs, quests, and items/equipment are fully synced between players. Upon death in the wild, players spawn nearby, and they spawn at the entrance of a dungeon if death occurs there. You can even play with mods, though it is recommended that everyone play with the same mods in the same load order. Upcoming features include weather syncing, shared map markers, and a scripting API to allow more customizable servers and better mod compatibility. Understandably, changing a massive single-player game into a co-op experience is extremely difficult. The project is run by students in their free time. It goes without saying that there will be unforeseen bugs and issues. However, the team promises that it will be a massive improvement over previous versions of the mod. If you are interested in playing Skyrim Together, you should check out the specific instructions on how to download and install it. However, you should also keep in mind that the mod is designed for Skyrim Special Edition version 1.6 on Steam. The devs recommend playing without the Anniversary paid mod pack. The mod is not playable with VR, console, Legendary, and Game Pass editions of the game or with any version of Skyrim before the 1.6 Anniversary update. Many of the same developers were also working on a Fallout Together mod for Fallout 4. This is currently on hiatus, as making even one of these mods is a tremendous effort. View the full article
  22. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a beautiful slice of illustrative chaos. Studio MDHR's take on DLC invites players to Inkwell Isle IV as Cuphead and Mugman are summoned to a far away place to find ingredients for a Wondertart and bring their ghost friend Legendary Chalice back to life. There are new bosses, gauntlets, and tiny minions to rage at, and the new playable character, Ms. Chalice, has six new weapons and charms to assist her through secret puzzle fights, time trials, and S-Rank runs on the way to a full 100% playthrough. The new weapons (Converge, Crackshot, Twist Up) and charms (Astral Cookie, Broken Rellic, Heart Ring) can be obtained by progressing the main storyline and getting all 16 coins on Inkwell Isle IV. So find a Mausoleum, take a trip to Porkrind's Emporium, and dive into the DLC with our guide. For more, here's How To Start The DLC and How To Get All Coins on Inkwell Isle IV. ConvergeConverge makes anteaters a little less terrifying.Converge is your best friend on Inkwell Isle IV. The new weapon art is a full screen piercing three-way shot that fires three charged electricity bolts and passes through any enemies its hits. Its spread can be narrowed by holding the lock button (R1/RB) and its directional use makes it a necessity for well defended targets and DLC boss fights that constantly chuck smaller minions at you (Glumstone The Giant, The Moonshine Mob). It's a brilliant add-on for crowd control and creating space, and its own EX Move, the Electro Bolt, fires a much wider horizontal electric beam across the screen that pierces through nearby targets and will convince anyone to live out their Inkwell mecha fantasies. CrackshotEven Crackshot won't save you from gnome memes.As a home-brewed hybrid of Chaser and Spread, Crackshot fires a rhombus-shaped projectile that will eventually break apart and aim straight for the closest hitbox possible. The pink crystals aren't deadly accurate but they do deal more base damage in close-quarters and come with the P. Turret super--a pink(er) Saturn-like planet that acts as a turret and can be parried into bosses or used for an edge in movement. It's not as effective as Converge, but Crackshot's versatility automatically shines in chaotic fights and brief hot flashes of hyper-precise platforming that almost never feels real. Twist UpMugman and Twist Up are a match made in heaven.Twist Up is a weapon art for the Mega Man 2 diehards. The unofficial tribute to Air Man is the new Lobber and Roundabout as it fires three mini tornado projectiles in an upwards trajectory and can charge up a Cyclone Spiral that will hit enemies up to six times before spinning off the screen. The super is a bit more reliable than the rapid-fire shot against larger mobs, but timing the weapon's arch can turn intimidating fights (Graveyard Boss, The Howling Aces) into an afternoon warmup. Astral CookieMs. Chalice is a menace that won't be stopped.The Astral Cookie is an all-in-one charm (of sorts) that's given by Chef Saltbaker at the beginning of The Delicious Last Course as it allows players to take control of Ms. Chalice in place of Cuphead and Mugman. It adds one extra health pip and grants access to a different moveset as Ms. Chalice has a double jump, a parry dash, and a slightly OP invincible dodge roll--three mechanics that can be used in tandem to get more vertical height and to parry pink objects through traffic. The recipe can make the traditional controls a lot more confusing, but the Astral Cookie is an added bonus for Cuphead completionists and anyone who needs an excuse to 1v1 ol' Goopy Le Grande one more time. Broken RelicEverything at Porkrind's is going, going, gone.The Broken Relic is a charm that can be purchased from Porkrind's Emporium for one coin. It doesn't have any effects but it can be activated via a series of puzzles, secret boss fights, and cursed artifacts that will make you re-evaluate your Cuphead skills. For more on the DLC secret, check out our guide on "How To Solve The Graveyard Puzzle With The Broken Relic". Heart RingHeart Rings come with nice things and no strings.There's parkour and then there's equipping the Heart Ring in The Delicious Last Course. The charm is a must for parry nerds and P. Sugar/Whetstone abusers as it restores one HP to the player for their first, third, and sixth successful parries. It sounds simple, but like the Heart and Twin Heart charms, the Heart Ring doesn't affect damage and is more useful for extensive boss fights and parry-focused challenges like The King's Champions and The King's Gauntlet. It can't be used with Ms. Chalice due to the lack of dual charms, but it can be equipped to finish up a 100% run of Inkwell Isles I to III. View the full article
  23. Pokemon Legends: Arceus brought a bold new approach to the long-running Pokemon franchise, tasking you with building the Sinnoh region’s first Pokedex. If you held out on picking up this wonderful series-altering entry, your patience has paid off--today you can snag a used copy for just $35 at GameFly. Buy at GameFlyGameFly is only running the deal for used versions of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. However, free shipping is included with your purchase and most locations will see their game arrive within two business days. Used copies of GameFly games come with the original case and any inserts that come with new copies. Since this is a Switch cartridge, you don't have to worry about scratches like you would a preowned disc-based physical game. This is the best price we've seen for Arceus, and we wouldn't be surprised if it sold out fast. You don't need to be a paying GameFly member to take advantage of the savings, although a free 30-day trial is also available for interested customers. Pokemon Legends: Arceus marks the first big change for the series in years. Instead of roaming around challenging gym leaders, you’re set free in a sprawling world filled with Pokemon--many of which you can catch without entering combat. You can also discover a handful of mountable Pokemon that make it easy to get around the striking landscapes of Sinnoh. Our Pokemon Legends: Arceus review gave it an 8/10, praising it for taking risks that help breathe new life into the long-running series. “Though it's a spin-off, Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn't lending the Pokemon trappings to an entirely different set of mechanics like the Mystery Dungeon or Stadium series," wrote critic Steve Watts. “Instead, this game reimagines Pokemon's core mechanics--finding and catching Pokemon and battling with them--within the new context of exploring vast 3D open spaces. The result is sometimes messy and doesn't always work, but its distinct qualities set it apart from the core series and ultimately elevate it.” View the full article
  24. If you missed out on Horizon Forbidden West when it launched earlier this year, consider picking up a PS5 or PS4 version today for only $35. The deal at GameFly isn’t likely to last long--so be sure to swing by and cash in on the savings while you can. Deals on Horizon Forbidden West have been rare since launch, and we've never seen it discounted anywhere close to this price. Buy at GameFly (PS5)Buy at GameFly (PS4) GameFly is offering the used version of Horizon Forbidden West for just $35 for either PlayStation platform. Preowned games purchased from GameFly come in the original case and include any inserts that were included with new copies. We've purchased numerous used games from GameFly and received near-mint discs each time. You don’t need to be a subscribing member to take advantage of the discount, although you will need to create a free account prior to checkout. Free shipping is included and select locations will receive the game within two days of their purchase. Horizon Forbidden West is a fantastic game that was somewhat overshadowed by the February launch of Elden Ring--which you can grab for $40 at GameFly. Forbidden West continues Aloy’s journey to save the world, this time taking her westward to a sprawling region filled with new threats, tribes, quests, and a whole lot of new weapons. Our Horizon Forbidden West review gave it an 8/10, calling it a “delightful open-world experience.” "Horizon Forbidden West does a lot more right than it does wrong,” wrote critic Phil Hornshaw. “It might be jam-packed with stuff to see, do, know, and remember, but when its many systems come together, it can be a beautiful, exciting, and delightful open-world experience. There's a huge amount to do and see in Horizon Forbidden West, and the great majority of it is worth doing and seeing thanks to strong writing, great visuals, and some marked improvements to the series' underlying ideas.” For more deals, make sure to check out our Amazon Prime Day 2022 hub, which houses all of our roundups of early discounts ahead of the sales event on July 12-13. View the full article
  25. The European Commission has announced that Amazon will have to make the process of canceling Prime in Europe easier. The news, announced via a press release from the European Commission on July 1, means consumers from the European Union and European Economic Area will be able to cancel their subscription all within two clicks. While the UK is no longer a member of the EU, subscribers in the territory will also benefit from this change. Amazon Prime's old (left) vs new (right) cancelation page.It's noted that there will be a "prominent and clear 'cancel button'". The change comes due to Amazon needing to comply with EU rules on consumer protection, and with the unfair commercial practices directive. Speaking to The Verge, an Amazon spokesperson reportedly wouldn't answer if similar changes would come to the US, saying it has "no changes to announce at this time." Also speaking to The Verge, spokesperson Bradley Mattinger said "Customer transparency and trust are top priorities for us. By design we make it clear and simple for customers to both sign up for or cancel their Prime membership. We continually listen to feedback and look for ways to improve the customer experience, and have no changes to announce at this time." These changes are a result of a complaint from the European Consumer Organization, the Norwegian Consumer Council, and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue. The Commission completed a report on the cancelation practices, noting "a large number of hurdles to unsubscribe" including "skewed wording" and "confusing choices." The change will be implemented across all of Amazon's EU websites, as well as on all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said in a statement, "Consumers must be able to exercise their rights without any pressure from platforms. One thing is clear: manipulative design or “dark patterns” must be banned. I welcome Amazon's commitment to simplify their practices to allow consumers to unsubscribe freely and easily." If you're not planning on canceling your subscription any time soon, you can check out GameSpot's Amazon Prime Day 2022 hub for all the best deals. View the full article
  26. A new EA studio helmed by the co-creator of Halo is looking for a design director to help build a single-player campaign featuring "rich, exciting stories with memorable characters in the Battlefield universe," according to a job listing. The listing seems to confirm that the new Battlefield Seattle Studio helmed by Marcus Lehto of ex-Bungie fame will indeed be working on campaign experiences for Battlefield, which was hinted at late last year when EA announced it would be creating a "Battlefield universe" that would span multiple games from various EA studios. According to the job listing, the game's design director will work to "design the vision of a new Battlefield campaign," and will "orchestrate the mission design, narrative, game mechanics, and systems to create the highest quality experience possible." The position also states the design director will need to "embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single-player campaign." While Battlefield as a franchise is typically associated with large-scale multiplayer mayhem, most entries in the series have traditionally included campaign modes. However, Battlefield 2042, the most recent entry in the franchise that released last year to middling reviews, does not. Battlefield 2042 recently received its first season of new content, with developer DICE having used the time since the game's November 2021 launch to bring improvements to nearly every aspect of the game, ranging from gunplay to map design. The game's poor reception led to rumors that EA and DICE plan to only do the bare minimum when it comes to supporting Battlefield 2042 post-launch, rumors EA has dismissed as being untrue. DICE recently confirmed it would be "winding down" the game's Hazard Zone mode, a squad-based, battle royale-esque mode that alongside All-Out-Warfare and Battlefield Portal made up one of the game's three core pillars. New DICE general manager Rebecka Coutaz recently tried to explain what happened with Battlefield 2042's rocky launch, saying that "everybody was disappointed." EA in an earnings report earlier this year stated Battlefield 2042 did not meet the company's internal expectations, but did not cite specific sales numbers. View the full article
  27. Welcome back to another, slightly shorter, week of Wordle. Today is July 5 and I hope everyone had a safe holiday! Today's word, perhaps aware of how much a long weekend can take folks out of it, is a relative breeze that everyone should be able to get. Plus, you've all got me to help too, so let's get into it. Have you tried today's Wordle yet? It's a pretty straightforward word, both in terms of its construction and definition. After some of the words we were being served last week (whom amongst us has ever heard the word "egret" used literally ever?), today's answer is a genuine breath of fresh, relaxed air. If you're looking for an even easier time with today's Wordle, why don't you use our handy list of the best starting words in the game? You're bound to find a word or two that'll get you most of the way there. Plus, there's a handful of great tips players can use in their everyday Wordle-ing! Today's Wordle Answer - July 5, 2022As always, your answer is waiting at the very bottom, but until then, here's a handful of tips from yours truly that should give a pretty good idea of today's word. Hint 1: Today's Wordle is part of the title of one of the most popular multiplayer FPS series of all time, although it has unfortunately had a downturn the last few years thanks to some recent releases.Hint 2: Today's answer is also part of a term in gaming that relates to how much of the world you can see at any given point. It's frequently an adjustable setting in games and originally appeared almost exclusively on PC, though many console games come with this feature now too.Have you gotten today's Wordle? I've got your back so don't sweat it. Today's Wordle is…field. Unfortunately, I was talking about Battlefield, which has been my favorite multiplayer FPS series for about a decade. While I fell off the games in order to make room for other things, it was great seeing it reach the heights it did, especially with Battlefield 1, which has made the current state of Battlefield 2042 a huge bummer. Battlefield was actually also how I learned about field of view, a setting which has changed the way I enjoy games as a primarily console player. The second I can, I crank that bad boy up way too high. There's just so much power in being able to see so much more than usual and it almost feels like it speeds the game up, even if I know it logically doesn't. That's all for today, but be sure to check back tomorrow for more Wordle. In the meantime, let's all go to an actual field and touch some grass! View the full article
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