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  • EK-"I want some of dat sweet blue booty"
    EK-"I want some of dat sweet blue booty"
    Why the hell are they fighting over me for? lol
  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai
    Wow how very creepily beautiful she is. Color it!!
  • HOLA
    This is excellent. And it's for Redneck Selection LOL. Self Destruct this is very nice work.
  • HOLA
    Over yonder at the pasture I have a couple Moonshine kegs, and chicken leg launchers! Gawd dangit I slipped off me horse and cut off my damn leg son of a b%&$h... Damn you Tom Cruise with your...
  • HOLA
    STOP PROVING YOU ARE BETTER THEN ME AT EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE!!! Awesome pic.The Redneck Selection-ism must spread... THERE SHALL BE PONCHOS!!! And beer.... Tons of shotguns too. :P

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