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  • UNSC Spartan II's Signature
    UNSC Spartan II's Signature
    Geth > Separatist droids.
  • Mah helmet
    Mah helmet
    yoshi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j28fLOhepO4
  • 00016
    What do you do with these when you're done with them? Good work on this btw. Looks amazing.
  • MC Graphic
    MC Graphic
    Yep. I can recreate any image using the method above, but it takes a while. I used to do this in Graphics class :3I once did the Statue of Liberty, but I didn't finish.
  • MC Graphic
    MC Graphic
    (Jawdrop) Does that mean you could 3D-ify anything you wanted, given the time?

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