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How to FIX Halo Infinite Starting Weapons

OG Chipper

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All you have to do is this:


First thing is to increase the pistol damage so it takes exactly one less bullet to get a frigging kill.


That said, read the following and please, please, 343i, do this:


Introduce 2 NEW, updated UNSC automatic rifles. (1) The first, an assault rifle called the MA45 and (2) second, the MA450 light machine gun. Switch the ammunition from the OLDER 7.62mm NATO FMJ to the NEWER 6.8mm Common Cartridge (.277 FURY) (FMJ/optional AP).


Here's what you have to change about this NEW starting weapon, the MA45:


OK so shrink the current reticle/cursor to roughly that of the BR. Now, keep the rate of fire unchanged while maintaining slight improvements in recoil and control. Lower the aim assist slightly at the same time by just a tiny fraction (you could do that to just about every weapon in the game, too, and the game would not suffer for it, believe me). And yes, this is more like an automatic BR, but not quite as good in the overall range and damage departments. It's supposed to just be different. Just as versatile, but different.


What you have to do to keep it "balanced" (balanced enough, anyway) is add a 1.6× zoom sight to it. Not too little, not too much.


As far as damage goes, a fully shielded opponent must die in maybe not EXACTLY 13 rounds to the head, but very, very close to that number. Body hits should add an extra 5 to 6 rounds to kill (total of 18 to 19 rounds). That's about 12 to pop the shields and either 1 more for the headshot kill or 6 to 7 for the body.


Magazine capacity for the MA45 must be EXACTLY 30 rounds. This means that while the mag capacity is technically less than the MA40, the weapon and magazine is (supposed to be) lighter when fully loaded, making it easier to handle, helping give it a substantially faster reload time compared to the MA40. By faster, I mean kinda almost super duper fast. I'd shave off a good ~25% of time off the reload given you're using a (slightly) lighter round/cartridge and fewer actual bullets per mag.


The idea for the MA45 is for it to be lighter and more accurate, giving it a precision edge over the older MA40.  Keeping it low zoom and reducing aim assist makes it a run-and-gun starting weapon that will not overtake the BR at longer ranges.


The main drawback and the "thing" about this rifle HAS TO BE it's skill curve. That's why you shrink the reticle and reduce aim assist with the low zoom. It's supposed to be just kinda good for most people, and actually pretty nice for the above-average sweaty try-hards. Think short effective range but add a few extra meters for well-placed, short bursts. The lower ammo capacity punishes inaccuracy and poor precision (spray and pray tactics) by forcing players to keep their aim sharp. The fast reload, however, keeps you in the game if you can stay alive long enough in those clutch encounters (think multikills).


However, The MA450 box must hold around 100 rounds, being a power weapon with exactly the same attributes as the MA45 but with a tragically slow reload speed. And that's basically it.


The END!!!

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You can change the starting weapons and the amount of ammo for any weapon. You can even fix it so you can make it harder and even easier to kill players in any game mode. It's really easier to make your custom game mode.


hope that helps.

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