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I think the game would get a real kick of this; being able to play a HALO soundtrack (any HALO soundtrack from past-present) at a specific wave in firefight! or play at a specific time in custome games! And what happened to the first person in the passenger seat of the warthog from HALO 1? what if you're able to switch camera views from third person to first person? the first person passenger really felt like you were actually driving in the passenger and being able to see the warthog controls and really see the driver in a really brief view; i mean the HALO 4 warthog is very detailed. Why not make it first person passenger? And you're able to make maps actually night time! And when it's night time the sun in the map turns into a moon. When you're an Elite, your ranking should change into a covenant rank instead of a human military rank. In HALO 3 you were able to unlock and wear Hyabusa armor. 343 needs to bring it back and make Hyabusa for the elites too, just like in HALO LEGENDS where the Arbiter was versing that special assasin elite (i think his name is Hakai) and Hakai's armor looked like Hyabusa armor for the elites. When you bouble tap the (A) button, your jet pack is a thruster and makes you jump much higher.

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I'f you're interested in ideas for HALO 4 firefight, then please click the top link. And if you're interested in ideas for Arbiter in HALO 4, please click the bottom link. Thank you!






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