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Question, since the MCC playlists on Steam are very.. random to say the least, is there anyway the lists could be changed up a bit? Sometimes it is impossible to find a match depending on the time of day you search, and they are just very random. I suggest we get a slayer 4v4 list for each game, so H1/2/3/4 slayer list, and then add H4 snipers or H4 objectives list. But a slayer list for each game at least I think would yield better results. The slayer lists were always the most populated in each halo, it only makes sense to give each Halo its own slayer list. Please feel free to bash this post or suggest other things, but the current list set up is so random with H3 slayer, H4 squad, HR invasion, H3 hardcore, H2 hardcore. Idk, I think this could still be a good time filler until Infinite is out if we can get better lists imo.

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