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TSOW Clan Recruitment

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Hi my name is USMC MARK5MAN and I'm the leader of TSOW(Tactical Spartans of War). We are a UNSC clan that does raids, matches with other clans, match making, and custom games on Halo 5. We a fun competitive group of people each ranging with a different skill set. We are a chill clan but are serious when needed to be for certain situations. Not everyone in the clan is competitive so you don't have to be but most stuff that we do is competitive. The clan is currently set up in 4 different companies which are Alpha,Bravo,Charlie and Delta. We do have a clan emblem and uniform that we wear. We are always looking for new people to join full of commitment, hard work, loyalty and creativity. So if your just looking for a fun group to play halo with? Join us and be part of something great!

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