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I had an idea for some skulls they could put in the Master chef Collection and Halo 4,5,and infinite when it comes out almost forgot Halo Reach if possible


My Halo Skulls


Ice Cube Skull Weapon never overheat


Super Soldier Skull All soldiers are now spartans


Sun Skull Any weapons that can be charged will charge automatically


Commando Skull All weapons have infinite ammo and bottomless magazine


Rapid Skull All weapons are rapid fire


Energy Skull All abilities do not drain energy


Super Strength You can do more damage when you melee an enemy and will not be slowed down when caring turrets


Human Turret Skull All human weapons act like Human turrets


Covenant Turret Skull All Covenant weapons act like  Covenant turrets


Forerunner Turret Skull All Forerunner weapons act like Forerunner turrets


Turret Skull  All turret  have infinite ammo


Scorpion Skull All weapons fire Scorpion Tank rounds


Wraith Skull All weapons fire Wraith shots


Phantom Skull All weapons fire Phantom shots


Gauss Cannon Skull All weapons fire like a Gauss Cannon

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