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UNSC UNSC TOTEM LAKE  is currently recruiting!


We are a UNSC Styled Clan, it is a fairly new clan which started up on the 28th December 2017.We are looking for new members to join our Marines and Naval Forces.


---------------- REQUIREMENTS ----------------------

- MIC is required
- Access to Discord (Preferred)
- Must be willing to change armor, visor, emblem, clan tag, colors (both armor and emblem)
- Must be aged 14 years or older.


Currently we do have Basic Training for the Marines which is just standard entry into the UNSC TOTEM LAKE, which the BCT includes day 1 to day 3.Trained but well experienced UNSC Drill Instructors within the Marines.But we do have a multiple branches but they aren't currently recruiting. But they are the following:
-Spartan Program(II,III,IV)




If you feel interested in joining us, meet new people, enjoy your time within a UNSC Clan then feel free to message me on Halo: Waypoint, on the forums or on the Xbox my GT is APEX XCV.


Capt. APEX XCV - UNSC TOTEM LAKE Commanding Officer.

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