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Sierra Company is a Navy based Military clan that utilizes ranking, structure as-well as teamwork and tactics. We are an extremely Competitive and organized group that puts an extreme emphasis on 'Attention to Detail' - we have actual military experience as-well as leadership experience from running alot of successful clans in the past from: Arma III(PC), BF3-4, Halo: Reach and many more(3). Our mission is to create a proper yet fun military experience within Halo 5 without going down the same horrible road as most Military clans do. We can Guarantee that there is nothing like us and we welcome all who want to join our ranks - as-well as conform to our standards. We don't restrict your gameplay... We regulate it. As apart of Sierra Company, your days will consist of elimination game-types, Training(From CQB, Raid Training, Team-tactics, Combat drills.), Drill, Briefing, Practice raids and as-well as the occasional game night where we may play unique game-types.



  • Elimination: Gametype that consists of 8v8's or 4v4's on massive maps in which everyone has 1 life the objective is to work as a team to hunt, ambush and eliminate the opposition force.
  • CQB Training: Training in which trainee's will be taught how to clear and breach doors, openings as-well as team fighting tactics, afterwards in ends with a killhouse in which a targets are scattered in various rooms and the attacking force must clear the entire complex using what they were taught, There might be actual combatants inside the killhouse in which the attacking force will have to clear out. all of these will have a set amount of time in which the attacking force will have to beat.
  • Warzone: Lead by the Captain or another officer where he will coordinate all of his men in logical yet practical tactics in order to win; usually will have 2-3 Squads of 4 people in each squad.

  • These are but a few of many activities we have available in our unit.
  • We do everything will a high level of professionalism.
  • We won't waste your time, if you don't waste ours.
  • We expect nothing but 100% Compliance. (Quality, Not Quantity.)




Sierra Company has 3 sub units within it that each have their own unique play style.


Sierra Company:

(Tier 1) 1st Recon Operations Group: [size:(24)] (CALLSIGN: REAPERS)

1st Recon is for players that show exceptional skill with precision based weapons and for anybody that mostly wants to play Snipers, Swat or etc. You need something dead and someones head down? Well... They're the best. They only take the best too.


(Tier 2) 2nd Special Operations Group: [size:(24)]. (CALLSIGN: VIKINGS)

2nd Special Operations Group is for players that Value Teamwork and cohesion more than the typical hombre - they play objective based games and rely on each-other rather than their distinguished fighting skills. You need the super-badass-backflip-grenade-up-your--Yoink--maneuver executed? No problem!


(Tier 3) 3rd Rapid Operations Group: [size:(48)] (CALLSIGN: SAVAGES)

3rd Rapid Operations Group is for players that still want the teamwork and to be apart of Sierra Company Militarized structure, Though this if more relaxed and doesn't want the big commitment of the other two units... They basically are a reservist force... Yet they are held to the same standards as any other of the twp units.



O-6: Captain: "SCO6"

O-5: Commander: "SC05

O-4: Lieutenant Commander: "SCO4"

O-3: Lieutenant: "SCO3"

O-2: Lieutenant Junior Grade: "SCO2"

O-1: Ensign: "SCO1"

E-10: Master Chief Petty Officer of the Company: "SC10"

E-9: Command Master Chief Petty Officer: "SCE9"

E-8: Senior Chief Petty Officer: "SCE8"

E-7: Chief Petty Officer: "SCE7"

E-6: Petty Officer 1st Class: "SCE6"

E-5: Petty Officer 2nd Class: "SCE5""

E-4: Petty Officer 3rd Class: "SCE4

E-3: Crewman:"SCE3"

E-2: Crewman Apprentice: "SCE2"

E-1: Crewman Recruit: "SCE1"



Every rank has its purpose and we don't do favoritism, You are promoted based on capability and choice.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All orders must be followed without resistance or question. (Unless that order is illogical or is unjust.)
  2. All Company Regulations must be followed to the fullest extent while on duty.
  3. All Company Personnel must abide by military etiquette and Procedures at all times.
  4. All Company Personnel must be respectful at all times.
  5. All Company Personnel must maintain a disciplined and proper winning attitude at all times.
  6. Unsavory attitudes and behavior will not be tolerated.
  7. Harassment both verbal and sexual will not be tolerated.(Verbal only allowed during training.)
  8. There will be absolutely no speaking to any other Clans unless instructed to and only to redirect them
  9. There will be no abuse of authority, rank or privilege.(Check your privilege)
  10. All activities and changes to the Regulations, SOP or Personnel must have the approval of the Captain.

We have these rules for a reason and we do enforce them when needed.



All company personnel must abide by the uniform regulations while on duty, Although this rule does not apply off-duty when personnel are playing with friends or anything not related to the company. Uniform regulations are as followed:



Helmets: Recruit, Recruit Proven, Mark VI(Only given to E-9's and E-10's)

Armor: Recruit, Recruit Proven, Mark VI(Only given to E-9's and E-10's)

Visor: Recruit, Midnight, Free visor(Only given to E-9's and E-10's)



Helmets: Recruit, Recruit Proven. Noble Valor.

Armor: Recruit, Recruit Proven.

Visor: Recruit, Midnight.



Primary: Pepper.

Secondary: Moss.

Emblem: Jolly Roger.

Primary Color: Salt.

Secondary: Pepper.

Tertiary: Pepper.



  • Be willing to do this.
  • Mic preferable.
  • Be of atleast 14 years.
  • Be willing to be in a Mature environment.
  • Be willing to take and execute orders.
  • Be willing to bathe in the blood of your enemies!
[All other Information from Unit Details and Rank details will be provided if you are accepted into the Unit, also Not all Information is provided above; Likely there will be a post in the Forums explaining everything in detail.]


If you are interested in playing with us just to test the waters or to join right away: Message "Mick Kito" on Xbox.




  • It is not required to join our waypoint page.
  • We play on Weekends currently but on November 5th; Normal operation times will resume to SAT, SUN, TUES, THURS.
  • Immature and disrespectful individuals should forget about joining.
  • This is a Hobby; not a way of life - though we take everything we do with a certain level of professionalism.
  • It should also be noted that we are not working towards achilles armor - we are a group that love team-oriented and competitive gameplay whilst keeping to the very basics of military ethics and conduct.

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Hello, Sierra Company is now recruiting for 2018!


Please check out our recruitment video and Website,









Thanks, be advised we play Mon, Sat, and Sun.


Currently SC is on Holiday leave, with Operations resuming on Jan 5th, Only our Recruiting and Development branches are open currently.

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