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Multiple nameplates won't unlock

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I've been playing the Halo CE campaign, going for par score to get the nameplate for it. Along the way, you're supposed to get nameplates for beating the par score on the individual missions of Halo CE. So far I've done seven, and none of them have unlocked. At this point, with the nameplates not unlocking, I don't even want to finish and have to go through missions such as The Library and Two Betrayals, let alone attempt any of the LASO playlists. Fix the damn game, 343. Do I have to beat everything twice in order to get the nameplates? Completely unacceptable, I've spent 30+ hours going for nameplates, and I'm not going to waste another 30 because you messed up and don't care about MCC.

Luckily I haven't even attempted LASO yet. I would have broken my xbox if I did it and got nothing for it. This is why Bungie did Halo much better.

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