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Map: Olympus
Creators: HerrMittmann, Konrad117, NF MasterT
Modes: BT Slayer, BT CTF, BT Strongholds (Also I was told that Fiesta should be really fun)
Download: Link

I'd like to offer and present to you our second map: Olympus.It takes place on multiple floating rocks or island, way up high in the sky.

You actually play on those island and have to use teleporters, to move from one to an other.


The island of course are: Red and Blue base, each equiped with a Spartan-Laser-Weaponpad to counter the Banshee - or just Splaser-Snipe others Spartans.

In the map's center it "top mid"/green island with a Sniper-weaponpad and a hidden Shotgun. This island kinda is the main hub. if you control it, especially in CTF you control the main-route from base to base.

And there is "bottom mid"/orange island with a Banshee-hangar, the only vehicle on this map. So this could be also a really important position for you to hold. Also there is a Railgun-Weaponpad


Last but not least, there is a really small island floating "backstage". It's somehow a emergency-escape from your base with an Overshield. You can use this island as a sneaky route to flank the enemy base.

So, this map might be a little experimental. I don't now if in the end the concept is just too complicated. Or perhaps it's really really awesome.

I'd like you to find out and tell me :)



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