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youtube channel name suggestion

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Hey I'm considering starting a channel but I have been thinking for a week now but I cant think of any channel names I thought of Exotik sniper but someone has got that so I need the majestic 343i community help me with my troubles my channel will be based on halo mainly so please leave suggestions!

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~Toxik Sniper

~Toxicity Round(s)

~Toxik Precision

~Precise Toxin

~Killionaire Heir

~Flood Bug

~Elite Elite

~Toxik Spartan

~Toxik Grunt Slayer

~Slayer of the Grunts

~Triple Killer

~Over Kill'n

~A Dash of Rampage

~Kill or Be Kill

~Slayer Player

~King of the Kill

~Toxik Grunt

~Halo Destroyer

~Praise the Halo

~Grunt Punter

~Jackal Shakal

~Hunter Hunted

~Hunted Hunter


~Jackal Krackal

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