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343 bring guardians and halo wars 2 to pc the gap between halo 4 and infinite is too large to leave unfilled

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this needs to happen 343 has ripped pc players off so many time but then they give us halo 4 then restrict us halo 5 and halo wars 2 and give us infinite what about the gigantic ******* gap how is it fair to us to miss out but get access to infinite that's not fair it leaves us with a gap in the story and honestly i've had it its the last straw the next game i'm not buying any other halo games until 343 does what's right and acknowledge that we are here too they are ******* lazy if they say they can't put halo 5 on pc they damn well can they just don't because they want to  make infinite then they made infinite whoopsie i planned this for 10 year but lets drop it for unreal engine 5 thats a great idea 343 brilliant lets once again break your word you said infinite would be the only new halo line for the next 10 years yet you stopped supporting it a year maybe a year and a half to 2 years after release like what kind of sense does that make whatsoever do you want your company to be seen as honest and trust worthy because right now it isn't saying halo infinite will be the game for the next 10 year than dropping that is commiting to something and promising fans one thing than doing another as far as the world is aware you are the biggest joke of a company ever respawn entertainment would ******* whoop your ass if you were in a competition of who cares about their fans and their reputation more than they care about money your ******* company would be so far up its own ass it wouldn't even qualify to compare thats how ******* bad it is you want us to buy games you need to listen,  my family and my cousins my friends and everyone close to me are with me on this we will not buy any game from your company until you release halo 5 and halo wars 2 to pc and so you know how big the community that is disappointed by how **** you have been to your own ******* employees firing and laying people off and even how **** releases have been halo infinite is ok but its a ******* ****show when it comes to cheaters and friendly communities bungie devs even watch what your company is doing and honestly don't like what you have done its like taking halo or a chess board and then taking good developers like bungie (human player) and then a pigeon as player 2  or (343)  and those developers and the pigeon play chess but instead of playing fair the pigeon walks all over the board knocks all the pieces over and then ****s all over it acting like he won that's what halo is like 343 is the pigeon ******** on the board the chess board is pc the pieces are fans and as i said 343 the pigeon knocked down the pieces or the fans and player bases supporting 343 and then **** all over them literally purposefully liquid ****s on them its time to change 343 act now ******* fix your mistakes stop firing your staff and act like a effective and supporting company that is there for the fans and the people who buy your games and treat them like the they deserve like they matter because they do matter without them buying your games you would be going bankrupt and you would not exist as you would have no income and nothing to keep your company running THAT COULD ALL BE GONE SO FAST YOU ARE LOSING OUR TRUST AND OUR TRUST SHOULD MATTER TO YOU its really really sad that it doesn't and you can read this or ignore this but ill bring this to social media ill bring this to forums ill make sure the world knows just how much you give a **** about your customers which literally ever since day 1 have stuck around i even bought infinites campaign but it makes me angry to not understand because the games i needed to play to understand i was left out on the community is dwindling and its because we have lost faith in you 343 you are not deserving of our support and until you can understand money is not your priority right now and that saving your company is by rebuilding the halo community and repairing the hundreds of bridges you destroyed i will never support you and no one else will want to either

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