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Is anyone else having really bad lag spikes?

Dark Harvest

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Almost every other match for the 2 days since I reinstalled has had people teleporting, strafing like 3X faster/ further than should be possible, as if they're strafing as fast as they can sprint with a speed boost, or me rubber banding into walls I was still supposed to be 30 meters from. I felt like giving this game one last try after uninstalling it for various reasons in the past and not only does hit registration feel even worse or less responsive than before (not that it was better than previous games to begin with), but at this point, I'm ready to uninstall again. I never had these problems in previous Halo games and there's a serious issue when connections are screwing up the game so much that literal cheats wouldn't level the playing field.


As things stand, I'm seeing no reason to play this over MCC. At least in that, connections aren't screwing me over for 1/3 of my matches and I'm not getting obvious stacks of tryhards or cheaters for 2/5 of the remainder. I've tried. Multiple times I've tried to enjoy this game. But at this point, the only similarity between it and previous games is the name. If this is what I have to look forward to, I don't see myself even looking at the next Halo. Biggest issue right now is the strafing bs and how it's like they are always moving at maxed speed and if they had a speed boost. If that's a PC thing that I somehow never noticed in MCC, this NEEDS input matchmaking or to significantly increase bullet magnetism for controllers.

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