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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys I'm known as Sarge in these parts. I'd like to introduce an awesome gaming clan named DGS. This clan consists of both laid back and hard core gamers. I know what you're thinking hey look it's just another clan member trying to boost up his reputation on his clan by recruiting a lot of people. You're sadly mistaken. I'm not trying to benefit myself I'm trying to benefit you. This clan is for halo 4 although, we do have game nights that are played on different games. We are currently looking for officers too! If you're interested in joining this clan hit me up either or here or via xbox live ( xpghxassassianx )
  2. Sarge

    The Hobbit

    The reason I made this thread is because I want to hear how yall feel about the movie do you love it /hate it or just tell us your favorite part of the movie. For example: Last night I went to see the Hobbit. And, I'll just start off saying that it is possibly one of the best movies I've seen, It's been rated a 8.7 out of 10 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0903624/.) This movie brings me back to the time whenever I first saw Lord of the Rings what I mean by this is that it fits right with all of the other movies wonderfully. If you are going to post your favorite part of the movie use the special BBcode spoiler to mask it! Alright, I don't know if there is already a discussion going on about this movie if so AD would you delete this thread.
  3. Sarge


    If you want any questions answered/ things discussed in the podcast post them here.
  4. Hey guys and girls I'm here to introduce to you the FIRST out of many to come 343i Community Podcast! In these Podcasts we will be giving an update of the major events of the forums and gaming advice/opinions/information/news. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNfa3L4BT1Y
  5. Alright so I got dedicated today and I just wanted to through out a few people who have been an awesome friends and even mentors. SweatyBagels- I figured I'd start with you because I blew you up with me tank like 8 times.** You've always been that guy. There isn't a description that I could give you that would fit your awesomeness. So just thanks? Vaulting♥Frog- You've always been there helping me or someone else in some way or another and I just wanted to thank you for all the help you've ever given me. Iɴsɪɢɴɪᴀ- You've make some great work in the Art Dept. and for me personally and I'd like to thank you and your british accent for that. Zed The Evil Taco- Your name always makes me hungry every time I see it so thanks...a lot... Brony- You are like that cousin to me that brings over fireworks and lights them off in the house...lol I probably remember you the longest so Your Welcome. 343iBot- You've always been there telling me who is joining the community thanks Sykowolf- You're a bad dude... enough said Docspartan007- I've been purple with you for a long while I'm sorry I moved to the grey side. LiQuidßioniX♠- Burnie you've given me a great opportunity and I intend to be great at what I do best. Harbinger- Your like the Cool Cousin/brother I never really had I haven't got to know you to well but I see us as really good friends on this forums. P.S. Blues ****. GSD- You fixed my name and I love you for that *throws bone* Mr.PWN (BMO) - enough said I think so. Azaxx- I'm sorry I killed you... Zelda- :hug: Church/ Other L. Church- You're both dirty blues but you two are pretty cool if only we could get you to wear red... @Everyone I may have missed the same goes for you Your all great people and if I haven't really talked to you I'm sure I will and we will become great friends. @grif. You an awesome guy (in real life I hate you grif as a character) but you don't know how to properly treat a bullet wound to the head!
  6. Sarge

    We miss you!

    Ok so in this thread yall can discuss what game type you miss the most in Halo 4 you can rant all you want here <3 your favorite Red sarge
  7. Alright boys and girls I figured I'd start up a clan. I'm in need of skilled players who are friendly and dedicated. So far we've gotten about 6-7 members and haven't completely started up (officer positions open.) You can either sign up via this topic or on the website either is fine. Ranking system: Recruit A new player Private Sergeant Lieutenant Mentor/assist lower ranks - Assist on the battle field and be a leader - Lowest Company Officer Rank Captain - Keep watch over Enlisted soldiers in training, Matchmaking, and Custom Games as in terms of behavior and skills - Recommends Promotions *Commands all ranks below* Major This is the second to last rank that a recruit can reach. This ranks commands the division that he or she is currently in. *Can make changes to the roster* *Commands all members below* Brigadier-General (Co-Leader) This position is assigned by me, and me ONLY. Only the ones who I feel worthy will get this rank. The other way is to be the 2nd person to join a branch. Owner contact info: owner's gamertag: xpghxassassianx (me) co-owners gamertag:: acd090 My email: link to website: http://spartansnever...ming.enjin.com/
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