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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, here is my wish list for Halo 5 from the eyes of a pure custom game gamer. Here's some background of my opinions. Other than the Campaign (I love every Halo's campaign mode), Halo 4 wasn't that great for me. It basically was lots of Halo: Reach's features with a splash of "Modern Shooters". Don't leave yet, that isn't all I'm saying. I ACTUALLY liked that about it, cause it drew in some fresh players from other fan bases, and hopefully our community can turn them into decent human beings. Note that I'm mostly talking about migrating Call of Duty players when I'm talking about indecent human beings. Anyways, the point is it was nothing new (Other than the Spartan Ops missions, but I stopped playing those when they started reusing maps. It was not what I expected from "New Experiences over time!") Now, what I always loved about Halo games was that each new title gave new revolutionary items to play with in custom games. Halo 2 gave us dual wielding, melee weapons, custom game options, armor colors, and online gameplay (Which I didn't use at the time). Halo 3 gave us FORGING, better custom gametypes, Brute vehicles, theater mode, custom armor, and persistent skulls (I played this game for 3 years STRAIGHT). Halo 3: ODST gave us firefight and preunlocked skulls (EWW). Halo: Reach gave us even better Forging, even better custom game types, a credit system, forge world and game loadouts. No brute vehicles, but that is expected, this being before the brutes replaced the elites. Now lets look at Halo 4. + Better forging options + Spartan Ops + "Modern Shooter" custom loadouts. - Custom Game options are now MUCH LESS custom. - All weapons spawned in now have to come in ordinance pods - All weapons on a map now have arrows above them - No forge world-like maps. - No brute vehicles - No dual wielding - Pre-unlocked skulls in Campaign. (REALLY? HUNTING THOSE WAS FUN.) - No custom powerups, invisiblity is only an armor ability and overshield is only a ordinance. - Less gametypes My point is, don't cut half the features of Halo 3 and Reach. Add on to them. And think of something NEW. (Taking stuff from other games ISN'T the same as adding new stuff!) I literately only played Halo 4 for a couple of weeks before it got boring. It was like I played the game before. Now for the actual list. 1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX FLOOD MODE. 2. I want to hunt down skulls again. 3. The Promethean knights to LOOK DIFFERENT FROM EACHOTHER. I'm sure the precursor human's traits had effects on the knight's traits! I can't tall the differences between them without looking at their guns! 4. DUAL WIELDING. 5. No grayed out options in the custom gametype editing menu. 6. Brute vehicles and weapons and Human flying vehicles. 7. Elites and brutes. 8. More players in bigger maps. I want a new gamemode where it's a massive battle on a huge map with lots of people fighting for territories (Like Planetside 2) Drop in like ODST's in any territory you own. Earn up credits that you can spend to call in supply drops, air support, or vehicles. I would play this gamemode forever. (Yes, I know the difference between a gametype and gamemode, if you don't, Firefight and Spartan Ops are gamemodes, while Slayer and CTF are gametypes.) 9. Screw ordinance. I want the weapons I place in forge to appear in all gametypes the way I placed them. Leave ordinance to #8. 10. No loading when turning from monitor mode to player modes. In Halo: Reach, the fastest and funnest way to travel in Forge World was to fly fast in monitor mode up and forward, then turn into a spartan and fly through the air. 11. Characters to show more respect to the Chief. 12. If you are letting us customize our loadouts in multiplayer, let me use a freaking shotgun. 13. Forge pallets and weather. 14. More 7 references. Also, off topic, Halo Wars 2 please!
  2. HALO 4 CUSTOM GAME-DAY SATURDAY NOON PST / 3PM EST "Only FFA SLAYER" 16 Players "Come early to get in" Add GT: Purience "Will Send a reminder message on XBOX LIVE a few hours before gametime "Online Matchmaking is terrible" "Now this is a playlist" 3x3 and 4x4 MAPS Breach (FFA) Lagoon (FFA) King's Throne (BTB) Talisman (BTB) Skyward (BTB) Crucifix (FFA) Cavern (KING) Static (MLG) Electrify (FFA) 5x5 and 6x6 MAPS Hangtime (BTB) Guardian (CTF) Blitzkrieg (FFA) Flying Waterworld Deathmatch (FFA) Battle Arena (BTB) Symmetria (FFA) 7x7 and 8x8 MAPS Space Rock Deathmatch (FFA) Channel (CTF) Office (Flood) Transverse (BTB) G.I. Joe Deathmatch (BTB) BumperCars (FFA) Artisan (BTB) Dr Doom Deathmatch (FFA) Behemoth (CTF) Assassination "Only" 0 Gravity Arena (FFA) Duck Hunt (Flood) Cobra Deathmatch (BTB) Haunted Mansion(Flood) Basketball (Oddball) Castle Wars (CTF) Underground Cave Deathmatch (FFA) Tunnels (Flood) Crash-Up Derby (FFA) Graveyard Deathmatch (FFA) Hulk (Flood) Sinister Deathmatch (FFA) and much much more... (Immediately Following Game Day) Hosted by Purience & Monkiman300 Breaking News / Live Interviews / Forge Discussion / and more Listen @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/halohappyhour/2013/01/31/halo-happy-hour
  3. HALO 4 CUSTOM GAME NIGHT TONIGHT @ 6PM CST "Only big 16 player slayer only maps" hit me up on xbox live if attending plz GT: Purience "If overloaded... will have others leading other 16 player groups"
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