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Found 1 result

  1. ~Chapter 17-Part 2: Quandary~ “Alright. First things first. We need to get through that city and push through until we reach beach side. This situation is going to be tricky, but we’re going to need to do what we have to to get this job done. Is that clear?” Sarge looked at everyone, while he waited on the response. He decided on who was to do what. “Yes sir!” The team responded in sync. “Now, here’s the plan. Gregor and Dumby will take their gungoose and assault any infantry we come across. Destroyer and I will take on any vehicles and infantry we come across, so long as it’s not a Scarab. Nut, you will take everyone in your warthog and follow back behind us. Suppress fire, kill any surviving infantry you see, and call out targets. Cajun, provided support wherever you can. Alright, lets move out!” Sarge pushed forward. Everyone followed the plan. “Hey Gregor, lets have some fun.” Dumby looked over at him. “Sure will. You up for it Architect and Fauz?” Gregor asked. “Yes, I want to feel like a badass right now.” Architect smiled. Though, his helmet blocked it from anyone’s notice. “Aigh’, whatever it takes to make me feel good, mate.” Fauz loaded his DMR. Dumby floored it, gun’s blazing. He rounded around a group of grunts and an elite. Architect jumped and did flips through the air. His arms covered his face. As he drew near the elite, he opened up his arms and slammed the knife in the elite’s head. He landed on the other side of it. “Now that’s an entrance.” Architect walked over to the water fountain and got a drink. Fauz sniped each and everyone of the grunt’s headed over to engage Architect. “And like that, we have the punch line.” Sarge engaged the wraith. “Gosh damn it. I hate killing these things, especially in a warthog.” He power slided around, just in time to avoid the Wraith’s mortar. “Biggles, can you take out that gunner, please?” Sarge power slided around again, just in time as well. “Sure thing, Sarge.” Biggles cocked his battle rifle. One, two, three. The elite still sat there and fired. “Hmmm...” Biggles fired again. First bullet. Second bullet. The elite’s shields dropped. Biggles watched closely. The third bullet, straight in the head. The gunner slumped over dead. “Thanks Biggles, appreciate it.” Alex called over to him. The Wraith started to boost at them, fired mortars whenever it could. “Gosh damn, this things kamikaze.” Sarge dodged it left and right. A high pitched screech ran over Alex, Sarge, and Biggles head. The wraith collapsed and exploded. “Roger that, all enemy Wraith’s are down. Cajun ready to assist on your mark.” Cajun just hovered there in the air. A grunt charged his plasma pistol and pointed it at him. Two seconds later, his methane tank flew into a hunter, which exploded and killed the hunter. “All targets neutralized.” Cajun went over to hover above the team as they regrouped. “Alright, lets go.” They pushed forward. The streets of New Alexandria were quite, ominously. Every now and then they’d come across a group of grunts or a couple elite’s. Brute’s were seen individually, but no hunter’s, jackals, or skirmishers were in sight. “Alright guy’s, there it is.” The team curved around the a hoop. There was two wraith’s up ahead. Cajun wasn’t there to support either, he was busy engaging banshee’s and phantom’s that were moving towards the rest of team lord. “We have to do it, you all know that.” The team was ready. “Let’s go.” All the warthog’s went, except Doc’s. He sat back and waited until the area was clear. Destroyer and Sarge drove over and engaged a Wraith. Right as they got there, it exploded. They went over to the other Wraith, it exploded too. “What the hell?” Sarge looked around. There it was. Two falcon’s drove by. One side had a total of two turrets engaged at any infantry or vehicles. The other side took down any banshee’s and phantoms that engaged them. “Well, that was luck. Anyways, let’s move. I can see the area, it’s right over that bridge.” They took off towards the bridge. Full speed, the civilian transport ships were just in site. Loud noises of covenant vehicles came from behind. “Sarge, we have Revenants and Ghost’s moving on our position from behind. I count about five revenants and seven ghosts. Should we engage?” Phoenix was concerned. “Hold on, I got this.” Dumby reached into his supply carrier and pulled out a blue orb and handed it to Architect. “Deploy this and throw it right as you do.” Architect took the orb and deployed it. A large blue pulse surrounded it as it flew through the air. It landed in the middle of all the covenant vehicles. They all stopped and fell to the ground. “What the hell did I just throw?” “A power drain. It kills power in anything that has it. It can even be used to deplete shields on an elite, very helpful at ammo conservation if you ask me. Plus it explodes when it’s done, strong enough to flip a warthog.” Dumby explained to Architect. “And you’re just now using this?” Architect felt a rush of anger. “I only grabbed one, didn’t think it was going to be this bad.” Dumby said. “We’re in a Winter Contingency! Why would you just grab one?” Architect broke control of his anger. “Because I’d rather use them in dire situations, than just against a Wraith?” Dumby torted at him. “Oh, so you’d rather throw it at vehicles we can destroy, but not at vehicles that could kill us and we couldn’t destroy? May I remind you that we could have all been killed from those Wraith’s? It only takes one shot, and even then it doesn’t have to be direct contact. These things will be at it for a while.” Architect was done. “I guess you’re right. My bad.” Dumby said, just as they got to the other side of the bridge. The sound of engines boomed next to them, they all looked towards it. A civilian transport ship was ready to take off. The ship moved slowly out of the bay, and towards the beach to take off. “What are they doing!? Who ordered them to leave?!” A voice yelled. Team Lord looked over in the direction where it came from. There was a spartan right outside the door. Wait, that wasn’t just any spartan. That was Commander Moth. What was he doing here? ~End of Chapter 17-Part 2~ Stay tuned for part 3! The final part of the Chapter! But is it the end of the series?
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