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Found 1 result

  1. “Just tell her you love her. Get it over with!” The girl said. “No. I won’t. It’s too much for me to handle! I don’t think I’m even capable of telling her hello. It’s too much for me.” The boy sobbed. “Well you ain’t going to get anywhere crying like a baby. Now go! I’m telling you this is the last straw. I’m tired of hearing it. So why don’t you just do it, god damn it!” The girl screamed. “No, I’m just scared of rejection is all. I don’t want her to think differently of me if she doesn’t want to. I feel as if our friendship will be wasted.” The boy was sad. “Then it’s a friendship worth wasted then. Isn’t it? You stupid boy.” The girl laughed. “You know, I might just tell her myself.” She smirked at him. “No! No you won’t! That will ruin it!” The boy screamed, angrily. “Well if you won’t do it. Someone has to.” The girl teased the boy, tongue out and everything. She decided to walk away after that. The boy stood up and through a punch, it hit her in the back of the head, knocked her to the ground. “How does that feel? Probably the same way I feel about telling her, now isn’t it?” The boy was angry. “Uh.” The girl started to cry. “Ugh. I can’t move! I can’t move! I can’t move my arms or legs. Please, somebody help me!” The girl cried out in pain. She was paralyzed. The boy realized what he did. He was afraid. How would he explain this to his mom? This was his best friend. There was nothing he could do besides regret. He looked over at her, she cried in pain and agony. He had no other choice. The boy grabbed the nearest metal chair he could find. He sat it on the girls head, then he sat on the chair. A crunch sound was made. Then silence. The boy looked down, his weight crushed the girls skull in. He got up and ran. --------------------------------Time Skip---------------------------------- “You know. We could help you. All you have to do is come with us.” The woman in the said to the boy. “I don’t know! I killed my best friend! I’m not sure I want to even live anymore. I hate my guts.” The boy said. Tears rolled down his eyes, it reminded a woman of a storm that once came through this town. A tropical storm to be exact. His tears resembled the rain that day. Heavy and just kept pouring. “We’re not making this a choice. You’re coming with us.” The woman said. “Okay, but what about my family?” The boy asked. “Don’t worry about it, they said it was okay for you to come. They were very disappointed with your behavior, but they said it was alright. Just come on. It’s alright, your mom and I are friends. I used to baby-sit her when she was little. Just like you!” The woman said with a smile on her face. The boy wiped his tears off his face, “Alright. I suppose if my mom said I should.” The boy got up off his knees and walked over to the woman and got in the vehicle. --------------------------------Time Skip---------------------------------- A girl walked into the room where a boy sat in a wooden, she appeared to be a teenager in the under half. She approached the boy in a distinct manner, as not to make him think he was in any trouble. “Hey bud. Whatsup?” was all she said to start a conversation. “Well, I scored an 82 in range and a 43 in combat. Have to wait until tomorrow to go for other training course.” He replied. “Oh. I got an 86 in range and 48 in combat today.” The girl said, smiling at both of their progression. “Okay.” The boy said. There was a hint of depression in his voice this time. The girl thought it may have been her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to start a conversation was all.” The girl said. Sorrow was in her voice, but it was more sympathetic than self shame of the topic. “If you want to leave, you may wish to do so. If not, that is fine. You may do as you please, I’m just going to sit here like always and wait until the next day. I have no friends and I have no family. ONI reports say my father was just enlisted into the UNSC, but I will never be able to get to see him face to face. Ever again because of this.” The boy had tears roll down his cheeks and towards his chin. Which then dripped off of his chin and onto his lap. “Look, I’m not going to leave you. I’m your friend. Alright? I like you out of everyone here. I have feelings for you. I don’t want you to think you’re lost.” The girl said, her voice trailed off with innocence on her breath. “It’s fine. I got this, alright? Just relax off me and cool down. Procedures are in four months. I want to get this done and I can’t do it without you. Recently I’ve been having moments where I can’t remember anything. As if I had amnesia. However, I remember them later. Just boldly. I’m not sure what to say about it. I just feel kinda weird you know?” The boy said, curiously and afraid. “Relax. You’re just being overworked with what’s coming up. Let’s just get back to training at midnight and we’ll be ready to go for the tests.” The girl said in a promising voice, as if to make the boy feel less stressed or whatever was going on about him. “Alright. Well, just leave me alone. I’m going to take a nap until a few hours before then. Come back if you even bother.” The boy said, he walked the girl out of the room and shut the door. He reached up to the top and swung the latch over, and locked it. --------------------------------Time Skip---------------------------------- The boy was done. Procedure was over. As well as his other colleagues. It was time for him to get back to training. But to where to begin. That procedure was very vital to his capabilities. He felt ready for anything. Maybe some range or close combat or... He was broke off by their leader. “You guy’s should be ready to test yourselves and prove what you are capable of. First off, no more basic training. You’re all going to try on-course training. Paintball to start off first. Then we’ll try captive training. Finally, we’ll have escape training.” The leader took a moment to swallow what spit was in her mouth from talking before she would continue. “Each of these training sessions will be difficult. Those of you who prove worthy, will make it. Those who don’t. Goodbye. You will all be paired in squadrons. Three of you are crew, one of you are team leader. We’ll see fit as your training goes on. You’re all dismissed.” The leader walked away. “Hmph.” Was all the boy said. He walked up to the list. He went to look for what team he was on. There was only about seven different sheets, but he found himself. He didn’t know who the other two are, but he knew the girl. She was the squad leader. He was support. The other two were offense/assault. “Well isn’t this just great.” He walked back to his room. Captive training was going to be a piece of cake, just like paintball. All captive training was is just hunting down insurrectionists that were captured and thrown in the course. They weren’t stripped of armor or weapons. Which was the point. They were taught to bring down the enemy at his best. With the adrenaline rush they had from the capture, they would be more difficult than on the battlefield. That also depends on rank and their own personal training. However, escape training was going to be tough. It was like captive training. Except, the other way around. They were supposed to get caught by insurrectionists. Then to find a way to escape them. Death did not matter, however it was recommended to do such. Those were just extra points. The tricky part was to be captured as a captive. Sometimes they just shoot you in their traps. This was a chance they were willing to make. --------------------------------Time Skip---------------------------------- ...Incoming Transmission... ...Transmission Received... Welcome Operator, would you like to view the file? ...Opening File... ...File Converting...
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