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Found 2 results

  1. ~Chapter 8: Bloodshot~ “You guy’s ready?” Moth walked into the room, smile on his face. They were aboard the UNSC Warlord, once again. Ash, Runner, and Junior were stationed on UNSC Amber. Runner had previously went through a nightmare, where they were attacked by the Covenant and lost. Everyone died, she remembered Ash’s the most. It was the one part that she laughed at before she could spill the beans. “Not yet, we’re just now packing our bags. Give us about 5 minutes.” Zeff lied to Moth. “Well then hurry your guys’s asses up. We don’t have all day. It’s time to get ready. The location has been deciphered. We’re on route as we speak. Get your crap and let’s go.” Moth didn’t put up with people who thought they were being funny. “Dexter and Frank. Follow me, Zeff. You’re behind them.” Moth marched out of the room. They couldn’t do anything but as told. “Where are we headed?” Frank asked in a respectful manner. “South hangar. Hasn’t been used very much, but we need to get things up and running for any upcoming problems.” Moth cleared his throat and looked over to make sure they were in follow up unison right behind him. “If this it the right place, we’re expecting a heavy resistance. We’re going to need you to do your very best. Chances are, they’ll send everything they got. Hell, fellow UNSC crew ran into one of his ships. Damn Covenant tore them a new one. Sent a couple locust after their outposts and they even decided to hot drop hunters in some of the strongest fortresses on the damn planet, with just Spirit’s. Bloody mess. However, they were pushed back. It was just one ship after all. They fled, unknown location. We think we have it.” Moth turned over and looked at them. “We think.” He pushed open the doors to the South Hangar. “Sounds like they’re going to give us hell as well. I understand we won’t be the only troops with our feet firm on the ground but I’m certain that most, if not all, of us will either die or end up wounded. Lan Chorus isn’t someone to mess with. He himself has taken out about eight of our own fellow teammates. That was just on his own. Now that this is his entire fleet, we might not stand a chance.” Dexter said, he sounded worried. He remembered when Lan Chorus killed Alex. Damn freak jaw followed him the whole way to rescue them, just to get stabbed. He also remembered Heli, being torn to pieces. As Michael described the tragic encounter he saw at the base. Poor Heli. He was so quiet and helpful. He belonged. That’s over with now, they need to forget about the dead and go on. That was only going to drag them down. Moth looked at Frank. “Now this is what you’ll be going down in. We can’t risk Pelican’s after Installation 07, and we don’t wanna use drop pods. You need to use some sort of aerial vehicle to maneuver the land.” He motioned another engineer to lower the vehicle into the bay, to prepare for loading then departure. Frank’s eyes lightened up. “That’s... That’s... I can’t believe it, that’s... I haven’t seen one of those in years! I... I don’t... I don’t know what to say... Being able to pilot one of those is going to be like cleaning up rust off a 23rd century car. It’s been that long.” Frank’s heart beat raised up, around 212 BPM. Zeff looked at Frank, “You alright? You look like you’re about to have a heart attack! Bahahaha!” Moth scorned at Zeff, “Knock it off. Frank, she’s all yours.” Frank couldn’t breathe, it was too much. He didn’t know what to do... It... It was... His heartbeat reached 225 BPM. “Uh Frank? Bud you alright?” Dexter looked at him in concern. Frank had sweat roll down his cheeks. His face was red. Frank collapsed on the floor, fainted. Moth was quick to action, a med team was in here in less than fifteen seconds. They grabbed Frank and took him to the med bay. Hopefully to recover him. “Alright, well that’s all I got for you guy’s today. Grab the team and meet back here next time.” Moth looked over his shoulder at Zeff. “And no funny business. I will hit you hard enough, you’re going to be as bad as when we first got Zen.” Moth snickered and walked away. A confused look overcame Zeff’s face. “What the hell was Zen like when they first got him?” He looked at the others for clues. They just shrugged, neither of them were there. They’d have to ask Archangel. Paladin was the only one on this ship who knew, but they weren’t going to bother him. His assignments differed from there’s. Not someone they would want to go up and question, without getting a dish served cold. “You heard the man. Let’s get the others. However, let’s split up among the ships and tell the others. Everyone on this ship, we can just tell on our way out.” Dexter took the leadership role again. “Zeff. You get Ash, Runner, Junior. They’re on UNSC Amber. Frank. You get Magnus, Joseph, and Michael. They’re on UNSC FireStorm. Last but not least, I will get Jackson and Archangel. Whom are on UNSC Valkyrie II with Commander Jessica Naeir. Alright. Let’s get going.” Dexter headed towards the East Hangar. They had twenty minutes before jump. They had to get this done fast and neat. Dexter and the other two walked into the hangar. They each took their own individual Longsword and headed to their destinations. ~End of Chapter 8~
  2. ~Chapter 8: Reputation~ Heli watched as they walked out of the room, he watched the Elite kill the Spartan and flee, except the Elite fled into the cave, not out of it. Hopefully the Elite wouldn’t go for him, it was his time to prove to everyone he wasn’t worthless. He was sick and tired of it. Let’s do this. Everyone was gone far in the tunnel. He stood his ground, gun drawn. He waited for the robot to return. He saw no sign of it, not even a sound. “Maybe this is pointless, I may as well face the fact that I’m worthless and not desired.” Heli lowered his weapon, tears streamed down his eyes. He sat there in silence for hours upon hours, tears were stained on his cheeks. His eyes were red. The team is most definitely at the surface now. He should head back as well. He stood up. The robot was right there. five tentacles came out of its back. They all fired their deadly yellow beams at Heli. One at a time, and in a consistent stationary manner. Heli dodged the first one, easily. The second one came up, he hurtled over it with grace in his jump. The third one stopped him in his tracks, he was forced to turn. The fourth one just barely missed, it went right over his shoulder. The fifth one was unexpected, he was left with an incredible wound on his left shoulder. The pain was enough to make him stop, he wouldn’t. Heli grabbed his weapon as he fell to the ground, he noticed something above the robot. He couldn’t tell what, but it was something. He opened fire. The robot retracted its tentacles and raised its... Its... Its wrist pistol? A pistol came out of its arm and fired rockets at him. They missed, but each one got closer and closer. The clip was up. He grabbed another and unloaded it into the caves ceiling. This time it did something. The robot stopped to look up. A stalactite fell on the robot, it penetrated the armor and pinned it to the ground. “What you got on me now, you stupid pile of scrap metal?” Heli gained his confidence back, with a drastic ego boost. The team wouldn’t believe this, he thought as he started to walk away. The ground rumbled. Heli turned around, he watched as the robot pulled the stalactite out of its body. A giant hole was in its left side of the abdomen, wires sparked on the inside. Heli knew the robot was going to kill him. The robot grabbed a rod from its back, it glared at Heli. He should probably run... The robot slammed the rod on the ground, it missed him. That wasn’t the point of it, Heli was thrown back by a concussion wave. “Not going to go out like this.” He grabbed his gun, loaded it, and locked on to another stalactite. He opened fire. The robot saw him, it fired three giant balls out of its left hand. It then rested back and charged all of its tentacles. Three, what looked like he could describe as only monsters, came up to him. He changed targets and shot at them. They were tough. Once one fell back, he locked onto the other one. He took them all three down. Except, well, he didn’t. Once they fell down, they split into two smaller forms. “Grrr...” Heli was irritated. He shot each of them down again. He then returned focus on the stalactite, it was almost ready to fall. The monsters approached him, again. Except now they were four to one of the original form. Heli took them out, with quick ease. He looked back up. The robot fired the lasers from its tentacles again. “You won’t get me now.” Heli stood still, the lasers all missed him. The robot glared at him, it used the lasers and pulled five pillars out of the ground with its laser. Heli shielded his eyes from the bright, molten pillars that were pulled out of the ground and formed. They soon hardened from the coolness in the air. The robot pulled up its pistol again and started to fire at Heli... Or maybe the pillars instead. Each rocket hit a pillar, which shattered and caused debris to fly at Heli. Now was his last chance, he unloaded what was left into the stalactite. It fell on top of the robot, again. This time the stalactite was big enough to finish the job. Penetration through the head, the robot fell to the ground. Heli approached it, sparks flickered everywhere on the machine. The robot eyes were blank as it stared at him. “Not so tough now are you, you piece of scrap?” Heli grabbed the chest piece and assembled it onto his back with his weapons. He turned and walked away. “I... I was made by the precursors... Your time is coming... You have been warned...” The robot self destructed as he walked away from it. “I don’t know what that means, but that doesn’t matter. I can finally prove to Bek I’m not worthless. She thinks I want her heart? No. I want her to learn her place, by doing that I first need to show her mine. I’m not going to put up with her crap, or anyone else’s again. Jackson may have destroyed the bigger one and caused a destruction of a Covenant Super Carrier, but none of the others were a match for this one.” Heli had a grin of determination on his face. He walked towards the tunnel, and headed for the exit. This was going to be a fun six hour trip. The Elite stood at the robot, who claimed to be built by the precursors. “Command, this is Lan Chorus. We need to leave the planet, now. Send a transport to evac me from here, I’ll get to the nearest and fastest exit I can. Be there. I will explain everything on board.” Lan watched Helix enter the tunnel. “You may have won this battle, but you will be more that surprised for the next. Team Lord’s leaders are dead. You’ll have to manage on your own. Sarge and Alex were all they had to rely on, the rest will be easy and undisciplined.” A Scarab broke the wall down. Lan walked over to it, a Lich was in the air, it awaited his arrival. Lan boarded it and headed towards a third Corvette, which was undetectable by the UNSC surprisingly. They left the planet. ~End of Chapter 8~
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