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Found 1 result

  1. Let me start by firstly saying that I'm honored to have become the June Member of the Month. As a matter of fact, I'm so honored that my brain has had an honor overload and is now in a state of severe "writer's block". I guess you could call it "Honor Lock". Bad jokes aside, I really am honored to have been chosen as Member of the Month. Thank you to those who picked me, especially Vitamin PWN who believed in me from Day 1. Or 2. Well, at the very least week 1. Anyways, special thanks to Vitamin PWN for being there as my "rage sponge", without him I would most certainly have been banned more than once by now. He get's a shoutout before the shoutouts! Now for probably the only part of this post you will read. The shoutouts. The are in no specific order, and are unranked. 1. Mr.DirectBiggles: A constant source of fun and amusement, Tim and I have had many an adventure in the Haloverse and the world of Minecraft. Many of those adventures either involved one of us carrying the other (me carrying him in Swat and him carrying me in Slayer) or us trolling each other or Gazzy. Poor, poor Gazzy. 2. One: Also a source of constant amusement, we don't play together nearly as much as maybe we should. While One is a "PC Snob", he's a fun member and a hilarious person. While we've had our times where we didn't see eye to eye (and made everyone else evacuate the shoutbox in the ensuing flame war), even that was a bit fun. Poor, poor shoutbox. 3. fzdw11 and SEKC TTBLSSH: The only two members to ever stump me in the Ask The Director thread. Also the two members with the hardest names to remember how to type. Congrats on your awards! 4. Choot 'em: A member I've known for a long time, and one of the most honored members of the forum. No shoutout list is complete without Mr. Hard Worker (aka Choot 'em). He was also the inspiration for the "Halo Did You Knows" thread that has been so popular. 5. Spectral Jester: Definitely one of the best members of this forum, Spectral Jester has been a moderator since as long as I can remember. Which isn't saying much because my memory is shot, but he's been a mod for longer than most members have been members. It's always a fun day when Spectral Jester talks in the shoutbox. 6. Bob: Bob isn't on much, but when he is he takes the time to get to know everyone as much as possible. Bob is well deserving of his Legendary Member status, having served so much time as a Mod that seeing his name not in gold or yellow would probably cause such a shock that peoples monitors would explode. Some of the best conversations I've had on this forum were with Bob. 7. Absolute Dog: Considered to be one of the best moderators ever to grace the forum, AD was also the only moderator to ban me. Twice. Although I deserved it (and would have banned myself, given the circumstances) AD was the only mod to actually do it. I think that's what earned him the "Tough Mod" award. xD I got my revenge in a few of the playdates, and consider AD to be a friend. 8. Father Bullet: A member who's hardly seen or heard these days, Father Bullet is one of the greats when it comes to members. While most of our communications are over XBL (playing minecraft no less), he's a friend to all. 9. Bobo Magroto: A member who I don't always understand, but never fails to make me laugh. I've acted as a translator between him and AD more than once, usually laughing so hard neither could understand me xD 10. theorix: One of the best Halo players of all time, theorix and I have had many an argument on the forums. Each of them were in fun, and sometimes turned into us tagteaming someone who did something they shouldn't have, but I consider him a friend because of how similar our sense of humors are. 11. Azaxx: This annoying Australian a**hat (Just kidding, couldn't resist the alliteration xD) is one of the reasons for me getting above 1000 posts and as many awards that I do. Our competition has gotten us both in trouble more than once, and is one of the reasons for me getting banned by AD more than once. xD But, it's gotten us both pretty high up the totem pole and has caused us to learn as well. So thank you for being inferior Azaxx. Otherwise I never would have gotten here. ;D lmao jk xD 12. GermanShepherdD: For being the best Halo Swat player on the forum and for being one of the most random people ever of all time. He comes on with his emoticon at very unpredictable times, and catching him when he's at his keyboard to ask how to get his award is like playing a mission on Reach LASO. xD Also one of the funnier members of the forum, I've never seen him get angry at someone. 13. Archangel Tyrael: A nice guy who is willing to help people who are in a bind. Playing Halo with him was one of the most fun times I have ever had on Reach. Even when we were pwnd at CTF by a bunch of J-Taggers (no really, went back and checked. 2 sniper spawns, 2 shotgun spawns, 1 rocket spawn, and one person with sniper and shotgun, one with sniper and rockets, and another with rockets and shotgun within 30 seconds of each new round, and all weapons with full ammo). We built some memories playing Anniversary. 14. Serene Mystic: When Mystic first came to the forum, she was all about Swat. Then she 1v1ed me in Swat and couldn't even come close to beating me. Even when someone else who wasn't good at Swat joined. Then we played a certain map and a certain gametype, and now she prefers slayer. I like to think I influenced that decision. xD Serene and I have had some great times arguing with each other about silly things, playing Halo, and discovering the easter eggs in the Anniversary maps. 15. EGYPTIANGHETTO: The member who makes some of the best signatures of all time, and the one who's made all of the signatures I've used while I've been here. Funny guy, haven't played Halo with him yet, but would like to in the future. Last but not least, Twam. The one who made it all possible with his Forum God powers. All hail the mighty Twam and may you bathe in the glory of his light. To anyone not mentioned, I'd still like to thank you. So, thank you. You being here is what keeps this awesome forum running as awesomely as it does. Give yourself a pat on the back. I am not sure where to put my customary MoM suggestion, so I'll just stick it here. My suggestion is that a link to the rules is put in the bar at the top of the page. Well, here's to the start of a journey. Let's make this month the best one ever.
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