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Found 2 results

  1. ~Chapter 10: Hot Drop~ ...Incoming Transmission... ...Transmission Received... Welcome Operator, would you like to view the file? ...Opening File... ...File Converting... ~End of Chapter 10~
  2. ~Chapter 10: KRRRRSSSSSHZZZZZTTHZZZZZ~ “Where the hell is the evac?” Jackson assisted Frank in the destruction of an enemy Banshee. Two more fired at them. “It’s up ahead, we’re almost there. We’ll have to hold the line for about 30 seconds, we’re early.” Archangel took Junior’s shotgun and shot an Elite that tried to board the Warthog. “Nevermind the evac, where the hell is Michael and Heli?” Runner shot a jackal, denied. It raised its gauntlet just in time. She pulled the weapon over her shoulder and took out five grunts, then turned back to get the jackal by surprise. “Who knows? Maybe Michael went back to get Heli. He wasn’t in the Warthog.” Frank shot his sticky detonator at a Hunter, as soon as they were out of range he pulled the trigger and watched orange ooze explode everywhere. He reloaded. “He also wasn’t at the base. What could he have been up to?” Paladin just sat there and watched everyone. He took a sip of his coffee. Dexter and Archangel sniped any Elite’s that were after them on Ghosts. Dexter replied, “Could have been because of Bek. She’s awful flirty for a Spartan. Heli would probably have done something to prove to her he’s not worthless, like she treated him.” He shot a grunt off a shade turret. Archangel and Dexter stopped, together they said, “Oh crap.” Junior stopped the vehicle then hopped out and gunned down every Elite within fifty meters of range. “Knowing the fool, he’s probably dead from that robot.” Junior power kicked a grunt, which flew at a wall. Death on impact. “I don’t think he would’ve done that.” Bek said. She shot a drone. “Your evac shuttle has arrived! Bahaha. Hurry up and get on before I leave you to die. Don’t think I’m joking, I will.” It was Osiris, he was the one sent to extract them in this heavily armored Assault Pelican. The mounted spartan laser cannon charged up, it took out two Wraith’s in just one shot. Ugh. Bek stumbled into the Warthog, she fell on the ground. “I’m coming. Just wait.” “I told you, no waiting. We’re leaving.” Osiris commanded the Pilot to take off. “You can’t just leave her there! That’s insane!” Runner yelled at Osiris. “So be it. Nothing you can do now.” He bursted out in laughter. “Oh ho ho...” He started to calm down. “Samantha, we’re en route now. ETA, twenty seconds.” Osiris got in the co-pilot seat, he fired the 40mm cannon at a phantom. It took severe damage, he finished it off with a second. “Cheers.” He pulled out a canister and drank what turned out to be Scotch. They boarded the UNSC Warlord. This time, it wasn’t boarded. -------------- Michael walked into the base. “Huh, when did the power go off?” He activated his flashlight and found the generators. He managed to get it back online. He walked over to the Operations room to make radio contact with Warlord that he would arrive in a Hornet. Michael screamed like a little girl and threw himself backwards. He saw Heli’s body on the floor, blood was everywhere and his death was brutal. The floor was a tinted dark maroon. Heli’s left leg and left arm laid on the table. His right leg and right arm laid thrown around the room. He found his body, er the main part. It looked as if it was cut open and something feasted on the inside of it. Michael took his helmet off and threw up on the body. He wiped his face off afterwards. “This is the least I can do.” He grabbed Heli’s helmet and took it off. An eye was gone and his nose was torn off in half. Michael threw up again. He then took the video chip of everything Heli recorded within the past seventy-two hours and then made radio contact with command. He was set. Without acknowledgement of the body, he ran out of the room and got in the Hornet and started it up and headed towards the UNSC Warlord. He noticed a lone soldier off in the distance. They were surrounded, but they managed to keep alive. He started to head over to the soldier. Too late. A Scarab charged the soldier, they were gone. Michael threw up in the cockpit. ~End of Chapter 10~
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