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  1. Some clips from the last Monday Night DRL. Get WREK'D! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApWptJmuGSI msg me for discord invite gt- imaSOshiftfaced IheartH52.mp4
  2. Please allow us to save theater clips, also MCC has been having soooo many issues with lag outs it's rare to finish a game and actually get the theater clips. -Please allow us to save theater clips - please patch it so even if we lag out, game theater will still be savedYa'll (343 industries) really make it hard on the community to want to make videos
  3. Recently had a lobby of 12 players, went on multiple race tracks by differnt forgers, and found multiple bugs that weren't previously there. - Issues with initial spawn (not everyone could load in, or loaded in with no lives) - Checkpoints would only work for the first player and/or the first 3 players to cross (if checkpoints didn't work neither would respawn points) - Problems loading in mid-game
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