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  1. Attention Gamers/ I am a clan general of an active and enjoyable Gaming Community called Redemption Gaming or "RGL" for short. We currently reside on both XBOX and PC.This Community was created by members who have tons of experience in Leadership and have gained knowledge of what is right and wrong in the community scene. We started the community to bring like-minded gamers together, to always have someone to play with, talk to, and have fun. You will enjoy a powerful gaming environment with tons of events, tournaments, and gamenights! While upholding a fun environment for our members, we also have a side of the community where you participate in what we call a rank structure; by doing good work, you can move your way up through our Organized Community Rank Structure!if you're interested in joining RGL, Please sign up on our website @ https://redemptiongaminglive.com/forum.php?referrerid=76 You can also contact me for more info GT: RGL StreaK, Discord: Streak#8965
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