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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRJyWyY2Qak Hi everyone! We're back with a big one today. On the Pillar of Autumn, Noble Six's order's are to destroy the Covenant Cruiser to prevent the glassing of the Autumn's shipyard. Ominously floating in the distance, the Cruiser stands hundreds of metes in the air, ready to beam down on the planet, so we decided to launch straight up to it. The Cruiser never has a solid platform until the beam begins to fully charge, specifically when you hear "Fire now Lieutenant! Hit her in the gut!". At that point, a small cube spawns on the beam, which is a holder for a large solid platform designed as the impact hitbox and end trigger once the MAC cannon round you're normally supposed to fire hits that space. Instead, we used that solid platform as a landing point to officially land us on the Covenant Cruiser. We hope you enjoy!
  2. https://youtu.be/2qgV5_BE3Bw Collective is a Multi-Halo Tricking and Launching Montage that has been in the works scrupulously for the past four years. Some of the content featured here dates back to 2013, not long after the birth of Termacious Trickocity. Over this long period of time we have been working steadily towards completing some of the biggest remaining tricking challenges (some of which date back to 2011!), gathering content, raising the bar, and pushing the Halo series to its absolute limits. Some of our most far-fetched tricking visions are made a reality in Collective: with new out of maps, new tricking methods, and new discoveries of all sorts. Clocking in at fifteen months of editing, and about 1500 hours of game time, with full hearts and contentment, this is our tribute to the tricking community, for its unparalleled beauty and for its undying spirit. Thank you to everyone for your endless support throughout these years, and for keeping the tricking community alive. Enjoy the show! Termacious Trickocity
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