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  1. The update is the same size no matter which console you have. You download the xbox one x enhancements, but just cannot use them. Also, the additional 73 Gigs to download completely replaces the original 65 Gigs that it is now. They basically re-wrote the whole game, so the update replaces what you have. I'm not sure if you own the digital version or the disc version. But now the disc basically just operates as your 'license' to play. While 73 Gigs is still pretty big, I know, you won't have to keep downloading huge patches in the future. The new intelligent delivery feature was the reason it had to be so parceled out and huge.
  2. Hey Dan, Thanks for the quick history update! I'm looking forward to all three, but I01 was the first one I ever heard about awhile back. Great to see it has a strong following and lots of support.
  3. ...but hello just the same! I'm new and happy to have joined a different Halo Community. I hope to get to know you all, and maybe play some games! Cheers -Ash
  4. Hi Everyone, First post here, happy to be part of a different Halo Community! I recently re-installed my copy of Halo PC, and discovered Custom Edition. What a blast! I loaded up some MP and played a few matches (getting destroyed of course.) I also installed Lumoria - super cool campaign (if you can overlook the voice acting.) So my question is: Why is Installation 01 the only fan made Halo game with it's own forum section here? Is it simply the furthest along? Thanks for your thoughts =)
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