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  1. Hi everyone, I found out about this project yesterday and have scoured through every piece of information regarding Installation 01 that i have gotten my hands on. So far, Installation 01 is exactly the game i've been waiting for since i quit playing Halo 3. A pc-based, Bungie era, halo shooter that is multiplayer focused with forge, balanced weaponry, weapon pick ups, character costumization and most of all skill based combat. I've been waiting to prove my worth in a multiplayer game by memorizing weapon timers, by strafing, placing and leading my shots against other players in a condensed arcady arena. I'm confident that this game will be at least partially what i've been wishing for these past 8 or so years and I just wanted to let you, the developers and the community, know that many a hybernating halo player will be stoked to follow and take part in the development of your game. Here's to finishing the fight against loud outs, kill streaks, weapon unlocks and unnecessary character abilities.
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