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  1. Important notices: Register now send me message or leave a comment, which division you want to be a part of. CLAN TRAINING ON FRIDAY/Saturday AFTERNOON AROUND 5 O'CLOCK ALL WARS WILL BE ON FRIDAY AS WELL TIME ZONES MAY DIFFER. When the game comes out Members "ATRIOX" SUPREME LEADER OF THE Banished SUB LEADERS WANTED: COLONY ARBITER DECIMUS Elite zealots Warlords GOLDEN HUNTERS Rules -No swearing or vituperative language -Must speak fluent good English . -Don't disobey leaders or co leaders. -Listen to leaders. -DO NOT INSULT THE SPARTANS. How to join -you can friend me and tell me that you want to join -Send private Message (PM) to the clan leader with your your info hulls/guns etc. -Post a comment at the bottom saying 'I am in this clan', if you have been accepted. -You must be over a staff sergeant and no higher than my rank. -If i think you can join IL get back to you. -You can be any age as well unlike most clans. -You must send me your banner code as well. -you must always show up to invites to server 50/26; as there will be a clan war or training.
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