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  1. So, some context: I've been a halo fan from the get-go. By and large, the first two games were my favorite- but ultimately, nothing surpasses that first feeling of being alone, meeting the flood, and overcoming enormous odds in an alien environment. So, one day I was reminiscing, when I thought aloud: I wish I could go back to that place. What would it take to go back? So here it is: let's say that during the timeline of Halo CE, we took the perspective of a marine. Let's say that this marine was injured, and the sole survivor of an early battle with the Covenant after landing on Installation 4. The Chief and remaining marines are long since moved-on and it's just you, this alien world, and ALL OF THE CRAP that's unleashed during MC's journey. -So for starters, let's make the Halo ring an open world. FINALLY -Now, let's make it an almost Tomb-Raider style survival. -Explore and discover ancient forerunner technology to help you survive -Engage in guerrilla tactics on Covenant forces. It's legendary mode, all day- you're mortal, unlike the MC. -Utilize ancient tech to prevent infection by and defeat the flood in ridiculously awesome ways -Have parallel encounters with the MC and perhaps save his life, all unbeknownst to him -Survive or die in the destruction of the ring: different ending outcomes. -FINALLY EXPLAIN HOW SERGEANT JOHNSON LIVES So, send this proposal to the 343 dev team, what do you say?
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