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  1. He only has one replica I bought for him for one of the many holiday's we had haha. I will definitely look into more replicas! Thank You! I don't know what poster he doesn't have haha. He usually goes to buy them as soon as they come out.....Maybe I should finish one of my digital drawings so he can have a personal one of a kind poster...or printed on a gallery canvas AND get him a replica. Haha, thank you It's surprising, when we met in High School he had no clue that I knew about Halo and played more than him (at that time). He was going on about Halo 2 when I was already at 3 hahaha I didn't tell him until I bought him a special edition copy.
  2. hahaha I know, its not a topic that is normally discussed on forums. I told him I reached to the interwebs for ideas and he started laughing. He thinks I'm on reddit asking people for ideas mwhahahaha haha that's actually a good idea, he wouldn't ask why I'm molding his head...I have done it before for a piece I made. I do have a friend that goes to comic-con in a new custom/self-made Spartan suit every year. I will definitely give it some thought That I haven't done yet.... I was saving that for our honeymoon. But, you did give me an idea of how I wanted the shirts haha, I was stuck on that one for a bit. I can definitely design that and get it printed. Thank You!!! hahaha right, I would just have to be creative with the delivery of said items. A few people have sent me links to places that sell the replica's. I even found an airsoft gun that is a replica of the assault rifle (his favorite weapon).
  3. Hello Shisno's, Strange topic for this site, I know. I only signed up because I wanted to reach out to the Halo community to get my brain flowing with ideas. I am celebrating a 10 year anniversary with my significant other in September. He is a HUGE Halo fan (as most of you are haha). I have played all of the games (I started before he did) and I know much about the story and background (thanks to him talking about it). We (un-originally) call each other Master Chief and Cortana. It fits me perfectly because I kind of look like her: hair style, voice modeled after a doctor, facial structure, skin tone…you know ……live in a helmet attaching to neuropathways XD ANYWAY….stupidity aside For ten years I have planned every gift/celebration to the minute (my-nute) detail, but, my brain is pooped and I have lost my creative mojo (or just used up all the good gift ideas). Last year for our 9th anniversary, I was able to get him to meet Jen Taylor and Steve Downs with signatures, pictures and all. I feel like I topped out on my gifts for him…..I have given him everything awesome/thoughtful that you can think of. I want to do something simple….but I also want to do something memorable for our 10 year anniversary SO, I went to Halo Waypoint to shop…..I literally put almost everything in the cart (by the way, money is not a barrier, no children, high paying jobs, secure assets/finances = more spending). But I feel it doesn’t have the same weight I want to deliver. I am also an artist and thought of making a picture….but I have done that already…several times. One idea I had, was, to combine all our geeky identifiable couples into one and have it form a favorite picture of ours that we took at Disneyland….. I always try to throw something deeply personal into my gifts/surprises. After all these years he should know by now that I like to deceive with materials or events. I also thought “343 STUDIOS!” but, I did research and saw that you have to be invited or something like that I want it to be halo inspired. If any of you can provide some ideas, that would be awesome! I am still going to make it personal, that part is not for anyone to plan or think of. I just need a little kick to get my creative juices going.
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