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  1. Just wanted to stop in and make a quick intro thread. I'm 36 with a wife and kids and been gaming most of my life. I play pretty much every game you can think of, along with Halo 5 and MCC. McFlyy
  2. Hey everyone! Rapture Gaming Community or rG is an Xbox One only community and we are currently recruiting for Halo 5! We've recently just expanded the games that we currently play to include Halo! However we currently play Destiny, The Division, Call of Duty IW/MW, Overwatch and Battlefield 1 and more. We're activity trying to recruit awesome members! This means there's a straight line to the top of this battalion given that you're a good leader and member. We're more than a clan, we're a community of active gamers from all over the world. We currently have over 350 active members and are currently seeking to grow and not just a number, but great people. Sounds corny I know but we're not just looking for bodies we're looking for people who can contribute to this great community and make it even better than it already is! If you have any questions please let me know. If you're interested in joining or even just checking us out follow the link below! http://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=1851
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