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  1. → A War That Affected Us All - Part 3 Part 3 is out! Should be the last one for the Human-Covenant War! Stay tuned for more!
  2. Thank you! I hope to be sharing the rest of them here as they're done! Why thank you. I am only doing what I know best. Hope these are good enough ideas!
  3. Why, hello there, this is probably my first time actually posting here! So I will put it to good use and not take much away from your time. I will be posting my Filling in the Blanks articles right here and as I post them I will continuously edit this thread and add the rest of the articles as I go. Human-Covenant War: → A War That Affected Us All - Part 1 → A War That Affected Us All - Part 2 Rise of Humanity: →[sOON] Rise of the Covenant: →[sOON] Rise and Fall of the Forerunner Ecumene: →[sOON] Post-War Era: →[sOON]
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