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  1. 1. Will there be a Team BRs playlist? I think the game plays better when you spawn with a BR, rather than an AR. I don't know how other people feel, but I would find that appealing. 2. Will there be crouch jumping? Crouch jumping is an important skill to master, and it's fun. 3. Is there a list of the maps and weapons that are going to be in the game that I can drool over? 4. What is the server tick rate going to be? Cough CS;GO Cough 5. Will there be a 1v1 playlist? 6. Can I has recon and will it grant me infinite girlfriends?
  2. A lot of long time fans feel that Halo has strayed from what makes Halo fun. I didn't like Halo 4, or 5. That's not because my favorite pet studio didn't develop them. It's because of a myriad of reasons. If you like Halo 5 that's fine, but I want a place to go where I can play something more akin to the older games. I can go there and you don't have to hear me complain about your game. Everyone wins.
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