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  1. When I think of the halo franchise I like to think they have been know for pushing the boundaries that are set for us to expect from great games. Halo ce was the first great fps on a console and set the new standard for how fps controls should be on a console. They also had introduced a great story and multiplayer that defined the generation. Next came halo 2. (A personal favorite of mine) Halo 2 introduced an improved halo multiplayer and kicked started Xbox live in a really good way. Halo 3 reviled forge the first multiplayer map editor of its kind. They also added Theater mode way before consoles even could capture gameplay. Halo reach gave us forge world and a massively improved forge mode. They also introduced a new story line that didn't directly follow the chief around, and gave us a huge amount of armor customizations. Sadly halo 4 never really hit the make when it came to pushing the boundaries and blowing our minds away. 343 tried to introduced us to a new type of multiplayer mechanics that really didn't work out for the hard core fans. Halo 5 came out and it really seemed like 343 was trying to shove another halo 4 experience down our throats by changing up the multiplayer mechanics again but it was actually really good this time. The game really didn't have much to offer at the start but later on down the road 343 released a completely revamped forge mode, and boy did they do a good job at that. Halo 5 really did shape up to be a great game coming from an old school long time halo fan. Let's hope the 343 continues to listen to the fans for ways to improve halo and have us keep coming back to play years from now. Now that halo 6 is hopefully under production I wanted to start a thread for ideas that could be introduced into halo 6. I had one idea that I've had in my head since the halo 2 days. My ideas was to have a multiplayer game mode that allows players to play as members of the covenant. Imagine playing a game of multiplayer that had everyone play as grunts. The comedy appeal would be great. Maybe a game of hunters vs hunters would tickle your fancy. While we're at it why not make the flood and forerunners playable characters as well. This could also change the way we would play different game modes. For example playing juggernaut and VIP could make it so that the juggernaut or VIP would be forced to play as a different character such as a grunt or hunter. Or maybe have an infection game with grunts trying to fend off the flood. The possibilities would be huge and leave us all wanting to come back and play again and again. Let me know if you have your own ideas for halo 6 or maybe some thoughts about my ideas.
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