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  1. 343 is a joke .. no one replys still. My rank has been deranked to a 13...only in halo 3 slayer playlist.....account reset to 3 weeks ago.
  2. Was ranked a 23 in halo 3 team slayer. Had close to 7000 kills and 6400 deaths in multi player. Turn my Xbox on 2 hours later and my rank is a 13 and half my kills and deaths are missing. It's as if 2-3 weeks of gameplay has been deleted.. even now online is says I'm ranked 14 in h3 and on my x box I'm a 13. This makes absolutely no sense . How are beta errors still happening and what can be done to fix it. Even my gameplay footage of the ranked games are still on my profile. Who do I get in touch with ???
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