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  1. Nah, the ban system is kind of messed up in H5. It's similar to Reach in that it's way too strict and unchecked. I won a game of SWAT, post-game menu freezes, so I restart H5 and it bans me for 2hrs saying I was idle. lol makes no sense
  2. Hello All! I was on the waypoint forums where a bunch of trolls were destroying the forum. I reported said trolls to the mods and then they banned me permanently. I did a google search about this and found this forum where I learned that over 12,000 people have been banned from the waypoint forums for no reason and that most of them came here where it is more relaxed and fair. Thus, I am now a member of 343industries.org! I honestly can't believe how unprofessional the waypoint forums are...it's sad. The mods over there are some of the biggest trolls. The guy who banned me said he thought the trolls were fine and that I was the problem and that if I didn't like his opinion, he could just ban me instead. I said you can't ban me for something I didn't do and that if he feels like he can't be fair then he can go ahead and ban whatever he wants because that would be immature and totally on him...he never responded. Later on I updated my waypoint profile to state that 343i/Microsoft can't keep treating their fans poorly and BAM he bans me for life for having an "inappropriate bio." He then messages me joking about how I got what I asked for and that if I basically beg in an appeal that maybe it won't be permanent. Anyways, I'm never going back to that horrible forum again. I left the old bnet forums for poor moderation and it always seems like the "official" forum for any game is usually the worst forum for said games. It's a shame because I wrote some very helpful posts on waypoint and then I get banned for reporting trolls. Just a heads up (if this isn't allowed here, let me know and I'll remove the name), the mod that treated me like this is Tsassi. He's a real work of art and should have his mod status revoked permanently. I look forward to some cool Halo discussions here on 343industries.org! I have been playing since CE and have thousands of online games logged in H2 and H3, my favorite Halos. Currently only playing SWAT and Infection in H5, but I think I'll be taking a break after this fiasco cause that just isn't cool. Oh, and I know this is just a fan created forum, but that's why I joined...the official people aren't very friendly.
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