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  1. The fact that you screwed up MCC is completely beyond me. The premise of the game: re-release Halos 1-3 (then ODST), promising it'll be just like they were back in 2001, 2004, and 2007. You dun ruined it, and you've probably heard this a 1000 times, but I don't care.. I got the game at release and ended up getting rid of my One for a PS4 to have people to play with that I knew. Just a few days ago, I got another One (s) and got MCC right away to jump back in. After a 2nd look, what you have done is worse than I thought when I played it at launch. Halo 3, is the GREATEST game that has ever been made ever. IMO. I have never had a more fun XBL experience on ANY other game than Halo 3. AND YOU SCREWED IT UP. First thing I noticed, you destroyed customization. Who on God's green Earth thought it was a good idea to take a HUGE step backwards in customization. YOU CAN ONLY PICK SETS OF ARMOR, YOU CANT MIX AND MATCH. 343i. Thats number 1, number 2, custom games is DEAD. I had over 2k custom games played in Halo 3 back on the 360, by FAR the best part of the game. Its now dead due to you. Like honestly, I can't even fathom how one can completely ruin a game. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS RE RELEASE IT, DONT TAMPER WITH IT JUST RE RELEASE IT. But hey, here is how you can SAVE CUSTOM GAMES, assuming you evencare. Custom game server browser. Player makes a title ex. "Infection, join fast" and it can show the lobby details like what map, gametype, you name it. Also, get all the custom maps from Halo 3 360, and get those on here. We cant play any of the custom maps that people made over the years, because youre to stupid to put thought into this game. This would save custom games, and thats only assuming a decent amount of people even still play this atrocity. The way you used to get people into custom games were to meet them in matchmaking, either invite them off recent players list on the xbox dashboard, or talk to them in game. And you ruined it. You could invite recent players, but you CANT talk to people for more than how much time it takes for the game to start and end. Why does it kick you out of the lobby after the game ends? Where is the social interaction in this god forsaken game? And that leads into the next point, because the game lacks the "Party Up" option, you cannot play with the same people in the next game. You have absolutely ZERO time to get to know anyone and make new friends in this game. Theres much more ive come across but i cant even finish this. I had to go over Halo 3, cant believe how it is now. Like honestly, did any of you even play halo 3? Money grabbing.
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