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  1. (In Orzium's accent) IMA TRUU SENNPOIIII
  2. I'm sure in the lobby you got feedback, but here's my two cents. The maze was really disorientating, which can be a good thing, however it was disorientating for the wrong reasons. The walls were all the same, boring colours and there wasn't anything for the humans to aim for, like there wasn't any goal for them. The zombies spawned most of the time outside of the map and on top of the maze which can be really bad for the humans experience. If a zombie can just drop down in front of you and kill you without much effort, it kinda sucks. Also the whole sniper thing on top of the green maze was silly IMO. It's not fun being sniped as a zombie from 20 miles away without much warning. The size of the mazes was also too much.
  3. Forging the changes to Dankious atm. Going to super-size the tunnel and add another room/pathway up top. Should be ready by tomorrow night if there's another lobby. The default infection version should be ready by the weekend too hopefully.
  4. "Those kids are the ones giving you the views" Implying that your fanbase is entirely made up of ten year olds lmao. Also on the point he made about suicide, I don't think it was alright. However, if the kid did take it seriously and actually did something, it would be WAAY more than just one comment some guy made in an XBL part that's upsetting this kid. What a dumbass. Anyways, great lobby last night. Another 3 hours of my life well spent! You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
  5. Forgot about that Killionaire I got. Trying to roll play Emile lmao
  6. Eh the dodge-ball wasn't to my taste. Had a lot of down time & it was a lot of random spamming but eh. Maybe that's just my sleep deprived head speaking. Great lobby man, keep it up. Proud of you.
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